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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Unidentified, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. This is a broad topic, but I am posting about one thing in particular. I have noticed on courses a quirk of regular soldiers which I find quite funny at times. It's the "So what do you do for a living then?" question. I believe (at the moment) that no regular soldier can resist the urge to ask it.

    It's not an unusual question for anyone to ask, but I have felt that as TA soldiers we are somewhat of a strange concept to the regs. On my basic training, we all introduced ourselves to each other and the instructors as you do, but when standing next to the regular recruits' instructors, they couldn't resist and asked everyone, often puzzled as to why anyone would want to do it part time.

    Again on courses camp, it took a bit longer for the staff to get round to it but sure enough curiosity took over. I found it most amusing on P Coy however as the staff there made it quite clear at the beginning that they had no interest in forming opinions of us as they didn't want to make any judging biased, but towards the end while being marched back to the lines sure enough they gave in to curiosity.

    When you meet someone in civvy street it's quite a common thing to ask, but never seems that important, however the impression I get is that the average regular soldier cannot resist as they don't understand why we do it part time. Does anyone else find this / find this funny?
  2. What do you do for a living ?

    Journo ?? :p
  3. Are you never tempted to ask them the same question back?

    'What? You mean, like, all the time? Even between mobilisations...?!'
  4. polar 69 - I was expecting that, just not so quickly!

    Afraid I'm not going to say on the net.
  5. polar, the bizarre thing is that there are now quite a few journos serving in the TA, not just meeja ops types either. I don't think unidentified is though.... (although a strange post for a relative newcomer)

    Sadly the main reason regulars are showing such interest in what civvy jobs are out there is because they are looking for an escape route and presumably think that if the TA can do it so can they. I have no doubt that the vast majority of regs would be first class civilian employees in exactly the same way as most TA would be first class full-time soldiers. All it takes for people with the right attitude is a bit of extra training so instead of RTMC think resettlement and the job's done.
  6. Nah! The regs ask that question so that when you Fcuk up it can be excused with the
    "Well what do you expect. He's only a Binman/teacher/whatever".

    Thereby allowing the reg to feed his prejudice that you are not "real" soldiers and allow him a bit of ego boosting 'cos he is and would not have made the same mistake you did.

    Why do you think that TA types that do well (or don't screw up too badly) on tour get praised for it?

    It is because the Regs are surprised that the aforementioned Binman did a fair job.
  7. Perhaps what they mean is how do you manage to succeed in two (or more)jobs,family life and have interests other than work and TA?
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Galgenberg asked -

    "Perhaps what they mean is how do you manage to succeed in two (or more)jobs,family life and have interests other than work and TA?"

    The short answer is - most don't/ Something always gives - I know many TA Soldiers whose career has suffered, or whose relationships have foundered, due to their commitment to the TA. Plus, having another interest is very, very hard going, beleive me!

    I would think that the TA divorce/separation rate compares with that of the Regulars, and God knows that's not something to be proud of.
  9. Hi i'm new to the forums and am a TA soldier serving out on TELIC 6 at the mo.
    yeah i've been asked by pretty much everyone in the regiment i'm with.
    Some do have an interest as they are signed off/coming to the end and do want to know what we do as civvies.
    I am quite impressed with them as there hasn't really been any of the STAB thing mentioned.
    I was prepared for it but it didn't come does that mean i was prejudiced against them?
    anyway back to the question i think its true that they can't quite comprehend TA soldiers.
    I normally explain that we get to do the fun stuff without all the bull****.
    I think also that they're struck by the diversity of TA guys jobs.
  10. I remember as a recruit being told "There are a lot of happy unhappily married men in the TA" i.e. They hide from the wife at work mon-fri and at hide in the TA at the weekend. It still seems to hold true.

    The regular's attitude to the TA has improved dramatically of late and certainly since Telic 1 I can't recall someone being referred to as a STAB. Whilst this acceptance is sweet there are lots of regulars who find the idea of a part-timer being a first class gunner and a successfull architect at the same time very unsettling. It gets worse the further up the COC and the closer to runout that the conversation takes place, none so humble as the one star who has just realised that "transferrable" skills is not enough once you're past 50.
  11. Hmmm I sometimes think some TA lads get all paranoid about that question, they seem to imedietly think it's meant as derogatory or as a pss take during training, when in actual fact, they are just interested and are getting to know you, in my expereince anyway....

    I remember after finishing CIC, I went for a drink with the Corporals down the local pub they were genuinely interested in what my normal job is, why I joined and then the Corporals went over their experiences during their time, we spent a good few hours talking and had a good convo. As they were PARAS you'd think they would take the piss abit but there were the nicest, funniest lads I've ever met. Throughout my CIC the regs were sound, genuine and treated us and pushed us just as hard as any recruit, TA or not.

    Obviously throughout my service I've had expriences of 'regs' taking the piss, it's to be expected, wether ment as banter or serious, you get the mindless bellends in every walk of life and regular or no regular soldier, they got as good as they gave, then went back in their holes. My experince with 1 CHESHIRE was the worst, the amount of lads who look about 12 in thereaking the piss was unbeleivable and some were genuinely concered about TA serving with then on TELIC 4.....

    Back to the original question, We've had lads from 1 KINGS actualy wanting to join the TA after we explained to them what we do....

    It's more general interest than taking the p* some TA lads feel thats the way it's aimed....
  12. 1981 Chelsea Barracks (RIP), 3 TA types are stopped by Scots Guards Captain. After general TA questions on rôles/commitment, it turned to jobs.

    "Ah, yes well - what do you chaps do for a living?".

    ...."I'm I printer sir" offered Drummer thin-oaf.

    "oh right, who for - is it the Royal Mint? You could do me some fivers"

    .... "Nah, sir, Stationery Office".

    "and you?"

    .... "I'm an assistant bank manager sir"

    "oh really - which bank ?."

    .... "Lloyds, sir".

    "Oh good, I may want to get a loan. And what about you?".

    .... "A VAT inspector sir".

    "Oh fcuk !", says the as he turns on his heel and heads rapidly for the Officers' Mess.

    ... "Leave to carry on sir, please". Dignified pause, tup three, fcuk off to NAAFI.

    I've little doubt that that officer is now operating somewhere in the black economy
  13. i think kingo's post says it all, some regs are just genuinely interested in what you do apart from the TA. think about conversations in the pub with your others halfs mates bloke, it always crops up, "what do you do". blokes (and no doubt women) speak to each other about what they do, along with other old favourites such as T*ts, poo, bikes and other such blokey things.

    we had TA on telic 1 and i think maybe the original poster maybe have a bit of a paranoid atitude to it. the TA out there were good in general and provided very useful backfill of manpower desperately needed. its just a bit of a change to chat about something different. whether you be a TA bin man (do you get to see saucy housewifes in thier smalls on your rounds?) or the white collar worker (sexy secretary questions)

    it beats the "so Tpr soinso, just what is it like to be a gunner on a CR2??"
  14. Look people. The Reg's are no better or worse than the the TA. They just have a captive audience. Their job is being told when they can eat, sleep and all the other bits. TA Soldier any day. As for the wife/divorce thing - How many times have may regular individuals have been divorced more than 2wice? Ummm. I can count 5 permanant staff in my regiment that are happy with that lifestyle. The TA Soldier is 4 people in most cases. Civvy, Husband/Wife or partner, father/mother & TA Soldier. That in itself is hard for any Regular to comprehend.
  15. This question always gets asked. I remember it from the 10 minutes cleaning weapons open circle at CIC Strensall, when everyone in the Platoon was asked what they did , to every course I've done at a Regular establishment. There is genuine interest from Corporals upwards , and they do always seem to have some admiration for people who can do the 9-5 , then work at the weekends in Green.

    The other comment , is always on how "keen" TA types are to learn. Friend of mine was an instructor at CIC , and there is a definite interest in teaching TA . "Nothing as gratifying as saying Right- at the start of a lesson, and looking down to see everyone has their notebooks out and a keen to learn expression"

    Anyway , it's not STABS anymore , it's *CIVILIANS as the DS kept referring to us on my last course, got to keep that differntiation going somehow , don't you Colour :D

    or the less flattering c*nts. Civilian Uniformed Nominally Trained SoldierS