Regrown finger is junk science (say Brits)


"A leading plastic surgeon today dismissed claims that a powder made from a pig's bladder caused the regrowth of a man's fingertip. Professor Simon Kay, professor of hand surgery at the University of Leeds, said the claims by the US company that developed the powder were "junk science".

Kay said there was "no evidence" that ACell had manipulated the regenerative capabilities of the human body. "There's no clinical evidence to support the claims," he said. "It really is junk science. If you could regenerate body parts like this, your first port of call would be a serious science journal like Nature because it would be a Nobel prize winning revolution."

British scientists have led the way in research into genetic treatments that could enable humans to regrow limbs damaged by accidents or surgery and allow patients to recover from wounds without scarring."

Ahem, as you were then...
From the Grauniad:

But Kay, consultant plastic and hand surgeon at St James' University Hospital, Leeds, said Spievack's injury did not look to have been serious from studying before and after photos.

"It's a ridiculous story – absurd and over-egged in the extreme," Kay said. "It looked to have been an ordinary fingertip injury with quite unremarkable healing. All wounds go through a repair process."
Let's hope that it is gen. and not a "wah"
Let's face it, if some one told you down at the Rat and Codpiece that there was a product called "Quikclot" and what it was capable of doing you'd say "No way Jose"

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