This is one for all the bods that have been out of the Army for a bit or the bods who have stayed in and reached a sensible rank.
When I say regression I don't mean the hypnosis type thing when some spiritulist bummer like Derek Pakorah the asian medium takes you back into a past life.
No, what I mean is that you are a bit older, got a sensible job, maybe married, probably got youths and lead a non descript social life. Until, that is, you get on the lash with some old army mates, or some ex squads that you work with, then hey presto it's like being back in the NAAFI on the lash and going mentalisimo.
I'm in my mid 30's married with a kid and another on the way. The last 3 times that I went on the lash with squaddies, the following incidents took place.
I drank a pint of swamp.
I swamped my hotel room.
I swamped my mates hotel room.
I set fire to my mates bed with him in it.
I lifted heavy objects with my pen-one-five.
I passed out in an udder bar.
I stood on a bench in the middle of a high street at 2200 hours, in the raw, preaching to passers by like some deep south evangelist that nudity was the will of the lord and that those who did not partake were children of the dark one, who were risking being struck down by the almighty.
I did naked pt in a suburban cul-de-sac.
I forced strangers to do 'little boy wees'.

This is not a thread designed to brag about my antics. I am just disturbed that I would do these things given my social standing.
Do any of you other arrsers suffer these problems or 'postsquaddylifepissregression'

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