Discussion in 'RLC' started by stameen_s, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. This may be the wrong corner of ARRSE for this but anyway...

    Over here in the Emerald Isle/Toilet, our military vehicles have civilian registrations, eg 97 D 1234 (year, county, number) when in-country. Ive noticed that UK military vehicles have a different registration system to civilian vehicles, which goes something like 00 ZZ 11 or something. Why the difference, and what do the letters and numbers mean?
  2. You don't want bad guys tracing your vehicles through dodgy cops accessing PNC for them?
  3. All UK Mil VRNs are 6 digit alpha numeric pairs eg AA 11 AA or 77 BB 77. Civ pattern (white fleet) may have civ plates allocated. The plates allocated are nominally down to type of veh and year accepted onto fleet. The pattern is quite difficult to follow and has got more difficult recently.

    No idea of the origins but it is only Mil vehs, Civ defence vehs eg Goddesses have civ plate despite being oftn mil maintained stored and run.

    I should get out more :roll:
  4. Oh yes, The civ allocated nos are not on general release to Civ Pol, DVLA and not to the NIVLA.
  5. That R Signals officer who was locked away for lying about the whereabouts of his BFG plated car (after it had been caught in a speed trap) could have done with plates like that.
  6. Not on general release, that doesn't mean thay can't traced, just that there is a procedure to go through. That chap also caught the wrath of HM C&I. They're a whole other kettle of fish 8O
  7. cheers!