Registering Car Back in the UK

Sorry, I'm sure this has been asked before somewhere on this site. I have also searched through Google but get conflicting answers. :x

I'm taking my UK bought BFG registered car back to the UK in mid Jan as a part-ex. What forms do I need to fill in, in what order - and are there any pitfalls to avoid? Who gets sent what and what do I need to take back to the UK to register the car there and get a tax disc? :?

The local BFG office is closed until monday!
You've left it a bit late mate.

You need your 414 (or 80?), bfg 73, V5, COC and insurance docs.

And driving licence :roll:

Thats it I think.
There is a BFG helpline if you contact the operator, also there is a booklet out which should be easily available from your BFG centre and Clerk. This has an easy to follow flow chart on what you need to do.

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