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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lairdx, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. I've had a good idea. :D

    It seems that if a building is a registered place of worship it is exempt from Council Tax.

    It might surprise alot of people to know that in the Bradford area there are around ten thousand registered Mosques. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that most of these so called mosques are in fact ordinary houses on the fiddle.

    In order for the the place of worship to be so deemed there must be a congregation (of at least five regular attendees.) And a timetable of worship schedules which must be submitted along with the application.

    I have decided to become a pagan (specifically an Odinist. I have joined the odinist fellowship.) I am also going to attempt to use my basement as a pagen temple where regular worship (winter and summer solstice regular as anything) will be held.

    The worship will involve sacrificing a little mead before drinking the rest in the name of Odin, Thor or whomever.

    This religion is the traditional religion of Anglo Saxon England and parts of Eastern Scotland. It will be interesting to see how my application is recieved by the authorities.

    I will say that this is not just me having a rant. I have done alot of research into Anglo Saxon Traditions as this is a hobby of mine. I have also looked into the rules and guidelines determining the validation of registered religious buildings.

    I really think I mght be able to pull this one off.

    Anybody interested in becoming a pagen pm me. The strength of my application will be bolstered greatly by the size of the congregation.

    Some of the information required is obtainable from the local registry office should anyone wish to check this out for themselves. An application requires two form 76s.

    I will keep you posted with my progress.
  2. I'm an onanist, does this count? :D
  3. I have absolutely no idea Big_Al
  4. If you manage to pull it off then post the step by step details of how you did it.
    You could potentially wipe out Council Tax if you get that information out to the masses.

    Maybe I could get my house registered as a Jedi Temple??
  5. Excellent plan. Let me know if it's not too far from Forfar, I'm looking for some of that kind of religion. Will there be any virgin-sacrifice, BTW?
  6. Im all for it as well, if they refuse then we just use the new anti racism laws....:)
  7. The fact of the matter is it must be possible. The muslim community have been getting away with it for ages.

    Virgin Sacrifices. probably not I'm afraid. The sacrifices practiced by modern odinists are more symbolic and involve the spilling of mead/ale and perhaps the burning of a small quantity of bread or the burial of a few coppers (pennies not policemen.)
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    As another practising Onanist, I'm having the usual difficulty typing this due to my hairy palms, but perservering...

    AY - is it true about the 10,000 registered Mosques? where did you get this? I don't doubt it, but if true, I'm surprised that Littlejohn or someone hasn't got hold of it yet.

    As I live in the SE, and work in London, I'm about to be hit by massive Council Tax increases, and also likely to have to pay extra for travelling on 'popular' trains :evil: - so my thoughts about people avoiding this Tax are not friendly....

    I think you haven't gone far enough - we need our own religion. How about some form of ARRSE worship? It'd need a snappy title, some spiffy clobber, and a number of registered places of worship (e.g. all our houses). It'd probably be just as valid as Scientology, for goodness' sake.
  9. Old Snowey. The information is available from your local registry office. Just ask for it. I live in the West Yorkshire area.

    The reason I think that Odinism is the way forward is because it is an existing religion. There are already Odinist temples in the UK, germany and Scandinavia. (not many but a couple.)

    it is the pre-christian religion of England and as such I believe that there is a credible claim to it as oppose to creating a new religion or pretending to be Jedis.

    The existing odinist temples in the Uk are used soley for this purpose and are not also residential houses. I'm going to push it though. If I cannot get complete exemption surely a reduction should be in order as a large part of my house will be a temple rather than my hideaway/homke brewery.
  10. I am a Jedi, it says so on the last government census form I filled out. 8)
  11. Arnie Schwarzenegger is the Big Knob in the Onanist Clergy, his bio-pic is out soon - Onan the Masturbarian.

    He handles himself well.
  12. Lairdx

    Will this mean you could register the Sergeants' or Officers' Messes, using mess meetings as 'services'?
  13. barbs. I doubt you'd get away with it.

    I now have 45 listed in my congregation. 8 of these guarantee that they will make it to all the p issups ahem.... pagan worship meetings.

    I shall be sending my application in tomorrow.
  14. Ummmm, you can call me a pedant if you like, lawstudent, but surely that should be "there ARE 80"!!!!

    Lawyers, huh? Can't wait to read one of your briefs!!!!