Register for the 2021 international Chemical Weapons Demilitarisation conference

Dstl will host the 23rd CWD conference, bringing together international experts to work together to achieve a future free from chemical weapons.

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Have the north Koreans and Iranian's been invited? If not, then the whole thing is superfluous, and a total waste of time money and energy, however, the after dinner piss up is worth the effort, as is the 5* hotel accommodation, for the delegates, along with their " Secretary's".................... Cynical, me, no, perish the thought, as if, never!
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I might go after dropping a toxic Mr Brown & Family off at the pool & now in the care of Thames Water.
Do we get any samples to test on France or Germany again?


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Oh, goody, another talking shop that will achieve the square root of sweet FA but lots of *important* people will get to fly in on private / chartered jets, stay in an expensive hotel and get driven round in chauffeur cars.

Meanwhile the usual suspects (NK, Iran, China) will continue to do as they please.

Pardon my cynicism

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