Regional Traing Centre (Scotland) Situations Vacant


I’ll more than likely get into trouble, however I see this as the quickest way to reach a large audience…

We, the RTW, are currently short of two instructors for the wing, anyone interested?

Rank range Lcpl to WO II.

Must have any of …..CMCQ/RMQ/M Qual/SAA/Tactics/Junior or Senior Brecon. In advance of CMS 09 kicking in.

Any capbadge considered, we even have Cav, but that’s just to raise the tone of the place!

Minimum MTDs is 80 days, it’s a heavy commitment, but the job satisfaction is immense.

PM me for further information.
Have you got a bar yet? And before someone says am I just in for the beer, the answer is no! I find the money rather inviting also.


We have the Wonkey Donkey! and are moving into our purpose built self contained complex April time, it's all nice and shiney!

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