Regional stereotypes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cormank, Sep 30, 2010.

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  1. I was ribbing a Norwich type mate of mine about being a pig fucker today as I have for as long as I have known him. The thing is, he seems to think that I am the only one who has ever said that to him; my response is that they as all too busy fucking pigs to chit chat about it.

    But he meant in a broader sense. Apparently No one her has ever heard of this stereotype. He did inquire if I was confusing him with a welsh man and sheep.

    Did I make it up or is this true? Oh and I would suggest against googling pigfucker and east anglia if you want to keep your lunch down.

    This raises a larger question, is there an area of the country which outsiders dont accuse the inhabitants of touching up lunch while its still walking around?

    My mate said that he heard people from Wolverhampton and the west mids at large are known for shagging sheep to which I put him in his place about. There is no grass you see. What would they live on? Its chickens!
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I would wager that no one accuses us Londoners of interfering with the livestock, partly because there is no livestock in London, but mostly because people are too busy just accusing us of all being cunts.
  3. Surely the East Anglian stereotype is them all having extra digits and only one eye. Think 'The Hills Have Eyes' on a truly regional scale. The inter-breeding has left the gene pool totally bereft of any deviation so their weird Gollum types bodies have had to resort to increasingly strange mutations to continue evolving. 27 toes on one foot, large tumour like extensions of the forhead. There's even one bloke who was born with one fat leg, a bit like a mermaid in the fact he had webbed toes but due to the fact his arms were growing out of his back it's unlikely he'll ever break any swimming records.
  4. Being Bristolian people seem to think we all drink cider, listen to the wurzels and walk around with a piece of straw hanging out of the side of our mouths.

    Although there is some truth in that, this is mainly Somerset which Bristol is not in! where did I park me Tracteer

    Edited to say....I thought everyone in Norwich was a turnip farmer??
  5. Somalian cunts. If you please.
  6. Bunch of Loud Mouth cunts! I say this whilst being balls deep in a sheep!;-)
  7. I thought that was Cardiff, twinned with Mogadishu.
  8. What about all the pigs in the 'Met'?
  9. Anyone from Derby is a sheep shagger. I think it stems from the ram on their shitty football teams emblem.
  10. The yokels in my Sqn regale me with many an unfunny epithet about the fenland people who live in the next shire. I can't tell the fucking difference if I'm honest. They all look the same, sound the same and smell the same. No matter how many times I explain it, they just don't get hills.

    But then again, they seem to think their Yam-Yam Cpl is a Brummie, much to my chagrin, the cunts.
  11. I get a lot of that her at work. There are chaps from all over Europe and beyond and while I was born in Wolves, I grew up in Shropshire, dated a girl of Derby stock before moving to York a few years while living with some guys from Bath and two girls from the home counties (while moved on to a Bilston girl). I've been in Paris for 4 years and the fiancee is Croatian. Clearly, my accent is messed up yet people try to take the piss by calling me a brummy while doing a Dudley voice. - Bloody foreigners!
  12. Ah.. I let my mate have the link to this thread and via MSN, this was his reply.

    RXXX XXXe says:
    That's true
    RXXX XXXe says:
    They are a bunch of inbreds
    RXXX XXXe says:
    But it's not quite like that but they do often marry cousins etc
  13. The difference between a regular norfolker and a fenland dweller is the issue (traditionally stated) of webbed feet or not. Fenland also has more dilapidated sheds per square flat featurless mile than any other region in the UK (I think !) And I know arrse has a thing over shedisms..
  14. I used to work in Lincolnshire which proved an insight into how bad inbreeding could get. Was still sad to leave the county as it had other attributes.