Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by hendo24, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. I was just wondering at what point you know exactly what regiment you will be joining? so far all i know is that i`m joining RE and my job choice but i have no idea what regiment i will end up in?
  2. Phase 2 normally
  3. Thank you, thought i might of just missed something and was asking a rather stupid question!
  4. I will never forget. It was the Insurance Man selling Kit Insurance and Endowment Policies who told me what my first posting would be when I was the Trg Depot. He had a list with everyones postings on..........
  5. wow thats a random way to find out!
  6. my other question was how do you get into the more specialized regiments like the air assault brigade? do you apply for further training or get selected for it ?
  7. I think the Parachute Regiment is part of the air assault brigade. I think the air assault is all airborne unit.

    If this is so then the answer would be to join an airborne unit.

  8. Of course Paras by their nature are capable of airborne deployment... but they need support and backup from infantry, signals, artillery, logistics ( food, ammunition, fuel etc), medics, engineers and helicopters.

    16 AA is a brigade made up of many different corps.

    Check it out on Wikipedia for a full listing of units
  9. Yea but as a royal engineer how would yo go about joining the air assault brigade? do you apply for further training or is it something your selected for?
  10. Normally you can volunteer for the airborne units pal as yoou have to do all arms P company. I believe its 9 (para) regiment for the Royal Engineers
  11. great thanks you for the help! i wanted to apply for the para`s to start with but i wanted to finish training for a trade! was so happy when i found out you can then specialize in this!
  12. It used to be just 9 Para Squadron. They expanded to form 23 Engineer Regt (Air Assault).


    Yes, you volunteer. You'll get the chance to put your hand up to the PSO at some point.
  13. Great well on that note i guess its back to training! one good point in having to wait a couple of months untill phase 1 ! u get alot of time to build up your basic fitness level!