Discussion in 'Infantry' started by taggytwo, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. When i went to deepcut selection centre 1980 I was given the choice of at least 5 infantry regiments, D&Ds born in Bournemouth, R, HAMPS,(lived on Isle of wight) RGJ ?. Irish Guards, (grandfather) and GRENADIER Guards, With all the almalgamations does the local element dissapear.
  2. Who did you end up with, I bet it was the same regiment as the Sgt in the careers office!
  3. Well with fewer regiments there are fewer to choose from.

    But the bottom line is that any infantry regiment will take any individual who wants to join them, no matter what connections they do or don't have. So you may have been told you can join those regiments, but if you had said no thanks but I'll join the Welsh Guards then you would have been offered the Welsh Guards.

    Recruit selection centres have always been about getting as many in to units they potentially have the ability to make it with, so a bit of a numbers game.