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hi, im thinking of joining the army and im interested in the technical side of things but i also like the sound of the infantry. which regiment would be best to get a trade whilst keeping the infantry side of things. i have looked at the army website but you never know what the regiments really do until you ask, thanks
you could try 'the royal regiment of fred karno'
Any and all of the supporting services have their gung ho elements - Para RE, Cdo Log, Alpha Troop for the rocket doctors, Black Serpent for the medics, SF comms types within the R Signals and several flavours of reptiles within the Int community to select (ha! cunning link!) just a few. Nowt wrong with bein a grunt - I used to be one - but if you have a hankering over the techie thing, the Corps will give you a trade and even allow you to go and play, if you so wish, with the stranglers and stabbers and the rest of the hedge-dwellers.
Once you've been a grunt you can always look down with a sneer of contempt on those who joined the Army....but, in reality...didn't.

Always remember, the role of the Infantry (The Gods of War) is: To close with the Enemy and Destroy Him.

There is also some crap about taking out panzers at short and medium range but it ruins the essential message
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