Discussion in 'Officers' started by DonK_BonK, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, I am hoping to join the army as an officer in a few years after I go through university, and hope to join the Grenadier Guards or the Parachute regiment (providing all goes well at RMAS). I am just wondering what the regiments look for, other than outstanding performance of course! I have been researching each regiment for a deeper insight and have seen on various forums/documentaries that the Grenadiers (whom of which are my first option) seem to delve into ones background more than other Regiments, i.e. social class, whether the candidate has gone through private education etc.. Whereas the Para's seem not to care as much about their class or social stature, which would aid me well seeing as I have never been privately educated, nor do I consider myself as being 'posh'.

    I know that predominantly it will come down to regimental visits and which one you feel most comfortable with, as well as the fact that it is primarily up to them to decide whether they want you in their regiment or not.

    Many Thanks! :)

    FYI. When I say that I am not 'posh' it doesn't mean I am a scabby chav.
  2. Why not just go Para? You attempt P Coy and if you pass it you get issued your Maroon beret and cap badge. You then go on to the Jump course to earn your Para wings.

    On the other hand, if you prefer drill all day and everyday go Grenadier!
  3. Yeah. Lots of drill parades in Afghanistan.
  4. I've been thinking of that, but I would love to go and serve in the Grenadiers because of its traditions. Still, it's all dependent on if they will have me; the Para's would be brilliant as you will get to see more of the action and will be one of the best fighting forces in the British Army.
  5. Can't disagree with that mate but anyone who tells you the Guards do nothing but Public Duties is talking bollocks. In my 23 yrs in the Scots Guards I enjoyed the "warry" bits but took great pride in carrying out Public Duties as well. Nothing to stop you joining the Grenadier Guards then moving on to the Parachute Regiment later should you wish.
    Good luck in whatever you decide.
  6. You need to get yourself along to visit those regiments as a potential officer. That way you can decide which you prefer and which suits you best in terms of your personality.

    In terms of job, both are first and foremost light role infantry. The differences are that PARA has three battalions rather than the GREN GDS one (plus one PDIC, currently) and that each does something different on top of the straight up light infantry role (airborne and ceremonial respectively). PARA also provides the lions share of the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG), although like most Inf regiments both provide soldiers to the SF itself.

    Depending on what (if anything) happens post the 2014 drawn down from Afghanistan depends on which (if either) would present the best opportunity to deploy on operations. In theory, if we go back to a largely undeployed state maintaining only the Airborne and Commando Task Forces (if such things still exist) at high readiness and if the government really do opt out of "wars of choice", then PARA would seem the better option; however if I was you I would look at both (and others outside the infantry potentially) and find the regiment or corps that you would feel most comfortable serving in (in terms of role and the people in it).

    Finally, the days when you needed a seat in the House of Lords in order to commission into the Foot Guards, Cavalry or indeed any other part of the army are long gone. Nowadays they will only be interested in your personality, character, physical ability, intelligence and potential not how fat your wallet is.
  7. Equally, isn't there a guards Para battalion if you want the best of both worlds? Wear the maroon lid AND the guards flash.
  8. Yes. There was a Guards Indepent Parachute Company now reduced to 1 Platoon in 3 Para.
    Info here;
    No 1 (Guards) Independent Parachute Company | ParaData
  9. There is indeed a guards parachute platoon in C company 3 para staffed by G-men of all 5 regiments. So you could go Grens and do p company and try and get a posting as platoon commander with guards para. I know quite a few guardsmen transfer over to the paras when their posting is up I they enjoy it more, can't see why that wouldn't be possible as a Rupert. So you can have the best of both worlds.
  10. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    no no no , what you want to do is opt for a Corps like the wunnerful corps of Engineers. Once in you can fly , jump or fight with a knife between yer teeth to your hearts content. If you are especially lucky you might even get into Armoured engineers where you get to be covered in oil as well.
  11. If you do, keep your hand on your ha'penny ;-)
  12. Haven't heard that expression since 1970 Don!
  13. I'm led to believe all that class distinction died out in the 90's.
  14. I am hoping that it did! All my knowledge on the matter is based on a few documentaries by the BBC, and all the officers they have interviewed have obviously been privately educated. I am sure though that once I become more involved with it all (after Uni) I will, hopefully, find out that it isn't the case for all of them and that in fact the selection is much more liberal than my current understanding.
  15. I concur, but not with the Armoured bit!