Im joining REME and was wondering about LADs. im wondering about certain units RAC for due to family/regional ties that Im tempted into putting a request for.
anyone got any info or opinions on hthe following units and/or their LADs
-Queen's Royal Hussars
-Royal Dragoon Guards
-1st the Queen's Dragoon Guards

no bating please haha
They all have LAD's, some better than others.

I dont get what your asking?

What trade are you? Im currently at a RAC LAD.
Ah, I don't suppose it has occurred to you yet that having just been handed your Golden Spanner for passing out 'best nut-tightener' of the course is about as good as it gets.

You see, they don't actually ASK you where you'd care to serve tightening nuts and changing oily bits, they send you to where you can best put all those newly-acquired skills and your shiny set of spanners to best use.

Let us know how you get on, eh?

QRH are currently on herrick, used to be mainly midlands recruiting area, now also has an irish element as well, Paderborn based at the moment. Known to have the cleanest nuts and bolts in the Corps.
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