Discussion in 'Infantry' started by englishmale88, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. First of all i must say sorry as i posted this else where by accident.

    i'm just wondering whats it like joining a regiment which is outside of your county? Like is there any bullying or anything like that?
  2. The hint was that the first time you posted this exact thread, it got shoved into the Arrshole almost immediately. :roll:

  3. Abit of a bone question really mate, It makes no difference at all where you come from, yes you have your county regiments but then again the Guards/Paras/Marines recruit nationwide so in answer to your question:No

    However if you are a complete waster and dont pull your wait then you will get stick no matter what Unit you join.
  4. Ok thank you that was all i wanted to know.