Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by cmaj, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. hey all,
    i was just wondering, and with no disrespect intended, but what would you say the order of precedence is within infantry battalions. like the Para’s are the most highly esteemed, but i don’t think im quite cut out for them, so i was wondering where the next step would be?
    got my AOSB(b) in a few months and so just looking around for now.
  2. lord, give me strength. To the hole. Please.

    Is Nails. cmaj. viking21 mc-123 etc all the same person??
  3. no, just recommended this site by my friend who is a bombardier....
  4. to the hole you twonk, if you are really interested in joining do some research

  5. Well ask him then.
  6. Order of precedence? I'll think you'll find the paras are near the back :D

    Serious mode: regiments offer different things. The Parachute Regiment is Light Role inf in the airborne role; great for some, not others' cup of tea. Local regiments offer different roles; take the Rifles; you have a commando role bn, two LR bns, an armoured bn and a mechanised bn plus the two TA bns. The Guards offer public duties opportunities.

    If you're going for AOSB, you need to have some service knowledge and a clear sense of purpose. Do some research sharpish.
    (And this forum's more for OR entry; there's an officer recruiting forum elsewhere where you might find some helpful advice).