regiments that have served in fallingbostel from 1945---

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by pupgreen, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. as the co curator of the fallingbostel military museum i thought it would be nice to put together on a board all the badges of the units that have been in fallingbostel germany from 1945 - to date -apart from the norm
    what others and when were regiments here..
    ive also got the rct -mso 16 tanks-staffords -3 queens- cheshires--coldstreams- qrih-scot dg-r-hussars--can anybody think or know of any others-even the ssos office dont hold records--and when you try google theres about 200000000000 pages of cr-p to pile through .
    i will in the future also be adding pics of the growing museum on here so ex fallingbostelers can see what we are up to.thanks in advance for any help
  2. The 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards Oct 76 to Feb 80 Lumsden Barracks

    42 (Heavy) Regt RA were in St Barbara's Barracks when we arrived in 76 and they were replaced in about 77 ish by 2nd Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

    The 17th/21st Lancers were in Wessex Barrack when we arrived in 76 and they were replaced sometime in late 77 by The 1st Bn The Coldstream Guards they were then replaced by their 2nd Bn in late 79
  3. deleted due to double post
  4. 42 Heavy Regiment Royal Artillery-St Barbara's Bks
    Nov 1971-Feb 1977
  5. super now im rolling didnt know about 17-21 lancers here excellent thanksguys
  6. 1 PC regt Regt RE/98 PC sqn 1 GS regt RLC at the FPO
  7. great ive got a re -badge. forgot all about the poor old posties--then again you dont often see them wearing berets..ha
  8. Should do Pup we lived in your block!
  9. yep sorry i am knocking on a bit now you you doing..
  10. yep sorry i am knocking on a bit now you you doing..
  11. you see what i meen im even typing everthing twice now.prat
  12. Not bad mate you still got the white armoured car?
  13. no or the tanks or the guns .but im working on a few new locations for more tanks to sit outside the new museum which is in 2 bn reme bks mb28 down stairs from the hacket far the whole celler is full
    militaria .1945-2006.with special rooms for 2 bn reme -fallingbostel pow camps -dup relics ect....ive also got permisson to move the old bunker from wessex bks to the new location--just got to work out how and when now
  14. any plans to put it on-line :D
  15. yes but dont ask me when its taken me months to work this a dinosaur..when we got unicom i was still using crayons....ill get my tecnical expert to sort somthing out...hopfully.