Regiments strangled chicken badge rejected

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Lancashire Hussar, Dec 18, 2005.

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  1. Apologies if this has been on before, just saw it in the Torygraph and thiught it would be of interest.



    Regiment's 'strangled chicken' badge rejected
    By Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondent
    (Filed: 18/12/2005)

    Defence chiefs have ordered senior officers of one of the Army's newest regiments to redesign its cap badge because it is not traditional enough.

    The Ministry of Defence has ruled that while it is acceptable to terminate centuries of tradition by amalgamating some of the Army's oldest infantry battalions, the new regiment's badge is unacceptable because there is "no historical precedent" for its existence.

    The 'strangled chicken' badge
    The badge was selected by the senior officers of the three infantry battalions - the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters, Cheshire and Staffordshire Regiments - which will form the Mercian Regiment in June 2007. The three battalions are being amalgamated as part of a process known as the Future Infantry Structure, a controversial plan to merge single-battalion regiments into larger units in an attempt to boost efficient.

    Earlier this year, the regimental elders of the three infantry units decided to adopt the badge of the Mercian Brigade which briefly existed in the late 1960s and was composed of some units destined to be merged into the Mercian Regiment. It also became the badge of the Mercian Volunteers, a territorial unit which remained when the Mercian Brigade disbanded. While the badge, which consists of a double-headed eagle and a Saxon crown, was regarded by officers as not being particularly attractive, it was deemed the best compromise as it had a historical connection with all three units.

    The decision to reject the badge was made by the Army Dress Committee. It is understood that the committee ruled it was "unacceptable" for a new regiment to adopt a badge that had been used by a territorial battalion because of the lack of precedent.

    The committee also felt that the badge was too similar to the cap badge of the Queen's Dragoon Guards, which also has a double-headed eagle.

    Patrick Mercer, a Tory MP and a former commanding officer of the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment, said he was "partly pleased" that the badge had been rejected because it looked like a "ghastly strangled chicken". He added: "The badge is not attractive but it is probably the best compromise."
  2. Well it is an ugly badge, but for them to say it's not traditional enough after driving a horse and cart through tradition is a bit rich.
  3. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Oi, Old Generals who have nothing to do with the regiments in question - NO!!

    Its not enough that you have to merge lots of perfectly serviceable regiments into new, unwanted hybrids (ooh, but its sooo much more efficient), you now have the brass neck to put the kybosh on the regiments' own choice of accoutrements. Where do you get off? Similarity to a cav regiment? so what! Half the regiments in the Army used to have similar badges - until you (for 'you', read the uncaring establishment in general, not necessarily this particular group of generals) chopped them from the establishment. No historic precedent? la di bloody da! Most, if not all, the regiments in the Army made up their badges and uniforms with spurious bits of history and lies ("we earned the right to wear Prince Alberts when we saved the Prince Consort from a gang of rabid corgies while providin' the guard at Sandringham, don't yer know") Just let the field Army (whats left of it) try and salvage something acceptable from the pile of bollox that you have dumped on it. You now have nice shiny generals' cap badges on your braid encrusted caps; let those who will have to wear the stuff choose it - now bugger off back to your club and go back to sleep, you irrelevant no longer soldiers.

    That's better, just wanted to get it off my chest
  4. Well said that man!
  5. Well said indeed
  6. napier i like ur thought process on this subject.

    I find closing my eyes and saying "lalalalala lalalalala lalala lalalalala lalalalala" Helps me to get on with what is happening all around us
  7. They should be happy with this chicken badge. It symbolises the big attempt of Labour to destroy tradition, and 'modernise', back in the '60s, doesn't it?
  8. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Sadly I have previous in this arena; having joined my county Regiment as no'but a lad, I lasted 4 years before the previous wnakers, er government, decided that 100,000 was a much nicer number than 150,000 and the Farmer's Boys ended up in bed with the Rivet Heads (and wasn't that a happy marriage). We, of course, were 'consulted' as to our preferences for badge and name (for consulted, read patted on the head and told to run along now), and the end result, wait for it, was completely chosen by the old and not so bold of the Regimental councils - and you've all seen the result of that. So when the wrinklies in their inherited tweed with the interesting aroma of stale urine start banging on about "historical precedent" and "golden thread", I reach for the whisky decanter and feel sorry for the boys.
  9. Why not let us keep the cap-badges we have?

    As the powers that be/Cnuts (delete as applicable) feel the need to merge us etc why not just give us the mercian title on rank slides etc.

    Would be cheaper than giving 4 bttns new berets and badges, and still keep the traditions
  10. Because the new Colonel wants it that way WFR.

    There was a serious word had about why differences in dress would not be around for long , and it's either join the collective , or piss-off sideways on attachment to another unit to retain your capbadge for a bit longer.......

  11. It does indeed, the awful Brigade System era. Let's hope that the reshow badge is more imaginative and not a hideously unpopular compromise that pleases no one.

  12. Keep an eye on the honours lists in the future and see how many regimental Colonels get something and compare that to the ease of transition to the new system.
  13. Rifle Green, not all Regimental Colonels are getting an easy ride though.
  14. Lancs Hussar - I know, but for getting the amalgamations through will put them in good standing with the Civil Servants who ordered this in the first place. Just wait & see. Some knighthoods, CBE's & so on will be awarded over the next few years for dubious reasons - just check and see if they were also involved in FAS.

    I'm not slaggin' off those ionvolved, but you might find that those Colonels who fought the hardest come away with the least in terms of honours. Conspiracy theory? We'll just have to wait & see.