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Regiments prior to SAS

The_0ne said:
But any idea what percentage are ex para, what percentage are rms and what percentage are other regiments etc?
I believe its something like 60% percent have served in the parachute regiment at one time.

I remeber reading it on the army mod site.
7and2suited said:
I would imagine virtually none are royal marines as they would serve in the sbs, if that is what you mean by rms
Look at the list of SAS casualties over the last 8 years, it's quite an eclectic mix of regiments those men came from, including a RM killed in that Baghdad heli crash. :(
Yes and of course it was two members of the "SAS" that were captured in Iraq that time or was it SRR? Same with Ireland or was it FRU or 14 int? Eh?

Anyway. Of course they come from all sorts of regiments. I know three from my own bn, a line infantry regiment, one of which has gone public and been on tv.
the clue is in the name, we all know SAS stands for - Super Army Soldiers, so that means they must come from a variety of ARMY regiments. As long as the soldiers are super and hold a minmum of one of the basic superhuman abilities like .....invisability/ flight/shapeshifting they should stand a chance of being able to serve in "THEM".
A little known fact of the joining procedure for the SASS Is your ability to have a good nickname,like Legs...dinger...or johnny 2 hairdryers, I think Brummie is also taken, but as long as you can think of something hard sounding it stands you in good stead.

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