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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by BoomShackerLacker, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. I suspect there is a thread dedicated to this subject but happened to come across The Worcestershire Regiment Website and have to remark what a fine piece of work it is. The organisation of its pages is second to none, plus the quality of writing, succinctness of information plus picture records are remarkable.

    Very well worth a browse gentlemen.

    If there isn't a thread already may I suggest you add your recommendations to this thread of Regimental sites worth a second look.
  2. for any ex 1rtr try this excellent site run by mike kemble well worth a look
  3. Before I ended up on the scrapheap of civilian life, I recall about 4 years ago that there were specific MoD guidelines about official regimental and museum websites having to be hosted by MoD and sat behind the DCSA firewall.

    I have spoken to another Corps's museum this morning and commented on some out of date information of their website.

    A royal [RANT] ensued ( it was a Royal Corps) that seemed to strike a number of chords.

    As an ex-serviceman I'm sure the Military Covenant is still alive and well. Is this just an isolated incident, or does it resonate with any other Regiments and Corps??

    Note to PUS: Do we need to tell the Minister something before the papers get hold of the story??
  4. My favourite,

    Over 300 years of history,and a lot of hard work by the ADMIN `JACK`!
  5. I think that the powers that be are chiefly concerned with the websites of current regiments. This is not without good reason and relates directly to the Int Corps fiasco when someone forgot to renew the URL and it was bought by a disgruntled ex-int man. He proceeded to post loads of embarrassing titbits on a lookee-likee site; red faces all round ISTR.

    The other reason is that even though the content management software is pants (soon to be upgraded though), the CBM team can at least offer a reasonable level of security.

    You are allowed to register an ordinary URL in order to get a quick pointer to your small regimental cog inside the huge army machine but even that can now be solved by applying for a top-level domain (eg Its free and highly unlikely to be taken since the army retains control of all domains.

    Hope this helps.