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Dear all,

I am heading to Sandhurst in January and am currently sponsored by my favoured regiment. I want to go and visit a guards regiment or two just to see what they are about as i havent really considered them properly before, but have recently researched more and would like to have a look. Being a Londoner anyway this should be geographically simple at least.

My question is thus: is the best way to go about having an informal look at other regiments when already sponsored by a different one, just to give them a call directly or do i have to go through my regimental sponsor (who i obviously dont want to give the wrong impression to when i say that i want to see a bit of what the guards are about)?

Any thoughts or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Go through your ACA(O) to visit others. While you're at it, look at other capbadges with other roles too, there's more out there than you might otherwise think. I know I am likely to be accused of bias but this is an important decision and it would pay you to make it from a position of knowledge - even if all that does is to reinforce your original choice.

Good luck at Sandhurst.
Scaly gives some good advice - use this time effectively! The army is massive - I thought I'd found a home in the regiment that sponsored me, until I expanded my mind and gave a few others the benefit of the doubt. All the experience you can rack up before RMAS is going to aid you in your choice of arm - especially since the new intake of juniors only get two choices straight from the off.

A point to note is that sponsorship does not obligate you in any way to join that regiment/corps. They are simply there to take you to the gates of RMAS, where sponsorship ends. When I had to narrow down my choices at RMAS, my sponsor wasn't even on there.

You will know when you've found your choice of arm as you'll fit in with the mess life and will be able to see yourself working with the other officers.

So get onto your ACA(O) and book in a few more visits - even with regiments/corps you hadn't really considered.

Hope that helps.

The Usual
Wolfhunter, whilst you are at RMAS you will have the opportunity to see all Corps and Regiments on the All Arms Display Day in term 2. Only after this event will you be required to make a choice of arm.

The general rules are:

1. Public School (Eton) and Landed Gentry/Royalty - The Household Division.
2. Public School and Farm/Landowner - The Cavalry (RAC) or Rifles.
3. Grammar School or equivalent - The Royal Artillery, AAC or the Infantry.
4. Welbeck College or degree in engineering - R.Signals, REME, RE, AAC.
5. Good education but hindered by regional accent and Chav like parents who made a good living flogging dodgy cars - The RLC or Duke of Lancaster's Regiment.
I didn't think Officers were allowed regional accents? Some bloke at my RA PO visit was told he'd have to lose his brummy accent before getting into Sandhurst. In fairness, it is a horrible accent.
Exwing said:
I didn't think Officers were allowed regional accents? .

don't try telling that to one of the scary infantry Captains who was on my main board. Or indeed one of the very friendly YO's on my Cavalry FAM visit.
Whatever school you went to (re: nark's comments), get yourself along to the Coldstream. The recruiting officer is extremely friendly and very open about the selection process and your chances. I'm sure he'd be happy to talk to you even if you are primarily interested in another regiment. PM me if you want a bit more info.

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