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BCRs got sent to where they were needed. Just done a D-Day tour, my mates Dad, proper cockney, got sent to France with 9th Cameronians, Scottish Rifles with the 51st Highland Division. His mob was one of those that took Hill 112, proper bloodbath, out of his company of 180 men, only 17 made it back down. It wasn't made any easier seeing as the "Hill" was virtually flat and they could be seen coming from miles away by the 12th SS "Hitler Jugend" Panzer Division.
If your going back over let me know got some tour/walking guides here


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If your going back over let me know got some tour/walking guides here
TBH, the tour guide, ex RAF, was pretty genned up on info on the days we went out. The biggest shocker for me was getting to Cafe Gondree, only to find that you can't take pics inside the place.
Thanks for that. It raises further questions. 14 Medium Regt RA was converted from 8th Bn Bedfordshire & Herfordshire Regt in December 1942.
Quite possibly the RA created the card when the unit swapped capbadges and just put his enlistment date onto the card, However if he's been transferred I'd have thought it would show on the card as they are normally covered in inter unit postings etc, Example below of someone being stripped out of the AA RA role and into the Kingo's



I’ve received a few more pictures. This dog tag does look like it starts with a 5.

I know DEMS is Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships, but what is the trade badge? I assume it’s a trade badge.



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Can you make out the full No and I'll run it through the RA medal tracer data base.
Finally, I have something written down, see attached. It's the same number you searched on before. I've requested his service records from the MoD.


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