Regimental Ties of HRH


You may help me (being from the continent) with that issue:

Can you tell me which Regimental Ties Charles/William/Henry are wearing on these picutres?

Apparently the ties are these silk non-crease (different woven).

When I have a look on the pictures I have the impression that every of the three is wearing a different version (Not the same red).

Maybe somebody of them is wearing a tie of the "Household Division"? But compared to versions in different usual (tie) shops I had the impression, the stripes of their ties are little bit wider than the version for commoners.... Whats your opinion about that?

Do you know of which tailor/producer theses ties are from or where one can get exactly/comparable their versions...? (And not too expensive ;)

Sorry for annoying you with details... but I am sure there will be some experts being able to help me =-D

Thank you so much!!!


I would suspect, from having bought three very different Royal Leicestershire Regiment ties over the years, that manufacturing variation is to blame!

My first had far brighter vermillion and silver than the second, and worn out tie number two is brighter than the one bought a few months ago!

Rather obviously, if you don't know where to get a Brigade tie, perhaps you don't need to be wearing one!

There are already many more thousands of Brigade ties worn than ever those numbers who served!
They're all the same. Indeed Household Div. colours. Agree with what your man said above, but I'm sure you could find a knock-off online.
Thank you very much for your kind, fast and helpful answer.

Please take note that there is a difference to know a shop and to buy something to collect it - or to usurp/dishonouring by wearing an object.

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