Regimental tie, use of.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by outoflineinf, May 3, 2006.

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  1. What are people's thoughts on when regimental ties should be worn or more importantly, when should they not be worn?

    Should a regimental tie only be worn when a uniform out of uniform is required, for instance when attending a Court of Law? Or is the reggie tie more than that, the default setting for covering your shirt's buttons?

    I consider it unoriginal and possibly tightfisted to always wear a regimental tie, though in some military circles the former characteristic can be regarded as a virtue. However, I do not think anyone can ever be 'incorrectly dressed' by wearing a reggie tie. Afterall, loyalty overrides style.
  2. A regimental tie should be worn whenever it best clashes with your shirt and trousers.

    Second use should be to hold up one's cricket trousers (if your old school tie isn't available)

    Third use should be at an all-ranks fight (it gives the Jocks two or three milliseconds to wonder 'why is this bloke I'm about to hit wearing a tie' and then not hit you).

    Fourth use should be at court for your own case.
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  3. Friday, Regi weddings and funerals, 11th November and Rembrance Sunday, racing at Sandown for Gold Cup..ooh the list is endless. You can also use it to tie your bird's hands together before indulging in some light bondage but that is probably frowned upon by Reggie Secretaries and Colonels - openly!

    As for wearing any tie constantly, I have over 200 and hate it when somebody wears the same tie two days running. Unoriginal and possibly tightfisted eh? Yes, that is a great way to look at this issue!!
  4. Friday is tieday.
  5. You said it brother! Garrison, Field, Horse or Siege, wear it! 8)
  6. Ideally, one will possess a number of ties of this general type - regiments, clubs, schools, professional bodies and so on. The rule then is to wear the most inappropriate tie at all times. Thus, when attending the annual cocktail party of the Vegetarian Society, one wears the tie of the Master Butchers Club - and so on.

    It is, however, a point of honour not to sail under false colours and only to wear ties one is entitled to. To break this rule is unprincipled and Waltish in the extreme.
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  7. Well in that case one would only ever need one - it comes in a choice of country or narrow stripe, and can be found here. It's always inappropriate.
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  8. nice tweed
  9. nice tweed
  10. Nice twice
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  11. Its the tie of gentlemen, and fortunately for me, scoundrels too
  12. I'd completely forgotten about my other instutional ties. Silly when they constitute half the ties I own. Further questions then:

    Actual school ties, or only old boy? I've a stupid number: fourth form tie, fifth form, sixth form, house colours, sporting colours, tour tie, etc. Must say I would look a wally if I bumped into an old school mate wearing my prefect tie. What if they are polyester, have a crest on it and the custard doesn't come off?

    How about Sandhurst Colours, not THE Colours as issued by HM, the ones that get dished out if you do something other than Egyptian PT of an afternoon? Would it be acceptable to wear your sailing half colours to your own wedding?
  13. Lineinf: No it effing wouldn't. All the 4th form, house, sports tour etc ties are for internal consumption at school only so you can lord it over lower school types. Once you get into the real world they should be burnt.

    Reggie tie should never be worn to reggie only occasions. Everyone knows you were in the regiment FFS! Cenotaph parades or other public occasions, visits to your London club etc fair enough.
  14. [must admit to buying what I might call a replica of my school tie. Some colours, but man size!]
  15. No club ties after 1800hrs