Regimental Tattoos

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bad_Crow, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. Nails - A must have

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  2. Tacky - Why Bother

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  3. Yes - I have one

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  4. No - I don't have one and never will

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  5. I'm off to get one right now

  1. Gay/Waltish/For 18 Year olds who are now big rufty tufty soldiers

    Classy/Nails/Proves your better than a gay civvy called Leonard

    Not getting one just watched Miami/LA ink and it got me thinking of different Tats i've seen over the years.
  2. I have a tatt that I got while in. I regret it now. Never go out with the boys while your the nig...You end up with piglet (from Winnie the pooh) tattooed on your arrse.
  3. Ended up with one whist on adventure training in Newquay, although, not an Army/Regt one.

    Obviously while pissed :oops:
  4. My father had one, my grandfather had alot, and so did my geat grandfather. Of course its not big or clever but I still had two. Do I regret it - of course not, I'm in the f**king Army, when did maturity and sensibility ever come into it! get a fu88ing life and enjoy it :D
  5. My uncle was in the Navy. He has the anchor and HMS whatever on the arm.

    Other uncle has the Para Cap Badge and wings (Yes he was Para regt and didn't just wear the smock).

    Me, dad, grandads, many other uncles. Nope.
  6. Just the usual devil on me arrse :twisted:
  7. I have 'Spread For Sump Drain Access' across my boutocks. Last time I go on the pop with the AAC! I was thinking of having 'Place No Tattoo Here' across my chest to balance it out.
  8. I have 'fire exit' tattooed just above my delectable buttocks.
  9. My old fella spent did most of his service in the far east. He was covered in hand done chinese tatoos. I thought he looked a right cunt when I was a kid. When I landed out there myself though and went out on the lash it didn't take long before I found myself in a filthy tatoo shop having similar stuff hand done.

    I think they put something in the beer in Hong Kong!
  10. Yeah, Ink!
  11. We had a chap join us (REME TA) who on passing his CMS decided it would be a good idea to get the REME capbadge tattooed completely across his forearm.
    On phase 2 training he managed to get himself RTU’d after being too pissed from the night before to stand up straight on parade and swamping the bed twice :D
    He then decided REME wasn’t for him so he transferred over to an infantry unit, bet he looks pretty silly during the summer with his new coy :D
  12. yeah got mine on my first run ashore , got the usual, bull dog flag / blood group, snake and dagger didnt get the swallow on the neck , or the spidersweb on the elbows thank f-ck
  13. I served in a TA sigs unit and recruited a heavily tattoed former ACC civ div work mate, whose nickname was Taz on account of two Tasmanian Devil tattoos on his forearms. Imagine my surprise that he suddenly had been a sniper and badged SF, hence his nice winged dagger tat on his shoulder blade. Strange that he didn't come back and left civ job a couple of weeks later.
  14. If you have actually served with the unit they are fine, if not, not. Best put somewhere you can hide them if you need to.
  15. Paras seem to have some sort of rite of passage with them, wings, totem pole back pieces etc, My uncle did malaysia and is covered in them, Ive seen a couple of capbadge/unit insignia ones with tours listed under them that look good.

    Some people love them some people hate them, if you get one , hope that your stickman doesnt fall into the later!