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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by samparker11, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. hi guys.

    i have just joined 3 Royal Anglian and need some help on the tiniest thing....

    all us newbies are looking to get tattoos relevent to our regiment/infantry ect.... any ideas?

    My sarnt seems to be sporting a "death before dishonour" tat with knife ect.... not sure if this is the best one to have.

  2. If you don't know what you want, why do you think some random stranger on the internet will have more of a clue?
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  3. Are you mad?
    Think long and hard before marking your body for the rest of your life!
    Check out some of the gash tats in the treads on here.
  4. As above ^

    Also, some regiments expect you to do a tour before you can get the tat
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  5. Get your cock pierced instead. It's manly as **** and the chicks love it.
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  6. Poor effort - 3 out of 10, must try harder.
  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I recommend going to a country where the laws on getting tatted while drunk are a little more relaxed than here.

    Just get hammered and nature will take it's course. Worked for me loads of times.

    Love Ravers, proud owner of 12" flames haphazardly inked rising up from my dungbutton.
  8. 1/10

    MWAH o f the highest order...

    Have a turd drawn on your arm you sound like you need a shit tattoo!
  9. narnia%u00252Bturd%2Bflies%2Btattoo.jpg
    A bit like this?
  10. Try browsing this site for inspiration: Aquila Victrix If you're serious...


    Or, if you want to be a really cool ******....

    Get this tattooed on a buttock, It's instantly recognised in many a cheap brothel and brings you a better service....

  11. There was one guy in my bn with a regimental tattoo and he was ripped into relentlessly for it.

    Ps. The thread's a wind up.
  12. Ricky and Pinkies in Wanchai, they are masters of drunk Regimental tattoos.

    Urban myth - Royal Reg of Wales chap had Wales Forever tattooed - unfortunately spelt "Whales Forever". Now a lifetime member of Green Peace!

    Another urban myth being a bunch of RM chaps had a union flag tattooed on a drunk USMC's forehead for a laugh

    Don't bother.
  13. A winged daggar always looks good
  14. Is 3rd Bn Vikings or Poachers? How about something themed on the nickname?
  15. I sooo agree