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Regimental Stories BBC 4 TV

Here is a list of Army Programmes being televised which may be of interest RTR and RSDG are on 4th and 11th oct

Regimental Stories BBC 4 TV

12 September 2011

Back in October last year, a BBC film team began work on a series called 'Regimental Stories', to include 30 minute episodes on the: Royal Scots Dragoon Guards; Royal Tank Regiment; Coldstream Guards; Royal Welsh; and the Parachute Regiment. The series aimed to trace the roots of each Regiment and discover what it was that made them what they are today. Filming for the RTR episode started in time to capture Cambrai 2010 commemorations, including the march to the Cenotaph. Our filming was completed in the Spring.

I have just been informed that the series will now begin on BBC 4 on Tue 20th September at 20.30 with the Royal Welsh. Each Tue there after at 20.30, the running order will be:

27 Sep - The Parachute Regiment.

4 Oct - The Royal Tank Regiment.

11 Oct - The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

18 Oct - The Coldstream Guards.

Finally, BBC Woldwide has also agreed to distribute the series and, apparently, there is a hope that it might be repeated on BBC 2 at some stage.
The RTR one will be good,but very short,whilst the RSDG one will be with sub titles, but a hell of a lot longer than the RTR prog
I did notice that QRL are not on the list 'Biffo'! Rumour has it they are doing a combined one with the 9/12th........................after they amalgamate!!!:)
I understand SCOTS DG is indeed the preferred abbreviation. Anyone any idea when these were filmed, just wondering if I'll see any contemporaries.

Filmed this year around March/April, just before the Regiment deployed to Afghan. Shows pre-deployment training "Pashtun Dagger" on Salisbury Plain and also Duke of Kent visiting Regiment in Germany.

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