Regimental Specialist = JOKE

Discussion in 'REME' started by DuckBoy99, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. No need for there bullshit! :)
  2. Sounds like someone was ironing with a mess tin.
  3. What do you take me for... RS
  4. "their bullshit"

    there - as in overthere (it has "here" in it to give you a clue)

    their - belonging to (it has "heir" in it to give you a clue)

    Sure you're not RS?
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  5. No, because they would know the first post should have read 'No need for their bullshit!'.

    You're obvously thicker than a RS.
  6. Sounds like an armourer to me...
  7. Cheeky ******! My money's on "tech storeman" or whatever they're called nowadays to justify their job.
  8. At least tech storeman would be of some use
  9. Definitely an armourer, I bet he sits in his dust coat all night while he paints Warhammer Figures
  10. Fixed it for you. You make that sound like it's a bad thing.

    So....c'mon, spill the beans. What trade are you?
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  11. Technical Support Specialist thank you very much. Best of both worlds ;)

    @ the OP, you fucked up and got told off by an RS, now your all angry so you feel the need to vent on the internet?
  12. TSS = Technical Shoe Shiner ;) Everyone in REME should start off with a trade, i reckon...
  13. There is only one trade in the REME. Armourer. Any mong can change a pack, and be a general fitter.

    Oh, I take that back. Metalsmiths count as well.

    Armrs and metalsmiths are the only real trades left in the REME.
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  14. ******* chippies, the lot of you.
  15. Everyone in the REME can **** off and have their trades. Ill stick with my "buckshee non-trade".