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Regimental Specialist = JOKE



"their bullshit"

there - as in overthere (it has "here" in it to give you a clue)

their - belonging to (it has "heir" in it to give you a clue)

Sure you're not RS?
Technical Support Specialist thank you very much. Best of both worlds ;)

@ the OP, you fucked up and got told off by an RS, now your all angry so you feel the need to vent on the internet?


TSS = Technical Shoe Shiner ;) Everyone in REME should start off with a trade, i reckon...
There is only one trade in the REME. Armourer. Any mong can change a pack, and be a general fitter.

Oh, I take that back. Metalsmiths count as well.

Armrs and metalsmiths are the only real trades left in the REME.
This thread is fecking indicative of why our board (and perhaps some blame lies with the Corps too) is so shit.

1st post and its a shit dit whinge. No explanation, no join and get to know how things work, just some barely desipherable crap that has probably come because the OP has done something wrong and doesn't have the balls to man up and take it on the chin.

This week its slag off RS, next week it'll b b mechs etc etc ad mauseum. Why do we always air our dirty laundry in public?

Where is our board mod to delete this shite?!!!!


A squaddie isn't happy unless he has something to whine about, surely?

I know the RS get a bashing, but they do a lot of work that would otherwise be delegated to the tradesmen, and as a whole are worthwhile to the corp.
People having a shot at armourers? Envy is a terrible thing ladies. Anyone who has not spent an afternoon in a suncorite induced coma watching porn whilst dribbling onto your chin a little has not lived.

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