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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by lancslad, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. On the grounds it's coming to BBC Prime over here in Asia I've just had a quick scan of the Antiques Roadshow website and was surprised to find this valued at GBP750K 8O

    Looks like someone in Tidworth is in possession of a fairly substantial candlestick holder - anyone any idea of its history?

  2. That's nothing you should see the Zetland Trophy that RHD/D have.
  3. The Queen's Own Highlanders have around £25 MILLION quids worth but we can't sell the unwanted pieces to save our museum because it is all donated or regimental property so by law we have to retain it. Good thing we are guarded by an entire Regular Infantry Regiment (RIR) of the RIR...

    Most infantry regiments have lots because they served in India; I've been to some regiments where they've a dozen pieces and that is it...wonder what will happen to most of it now that they are amalgamating yet again?
  4. Also heard that the R.A. at Woolwich have so much that they couldn't get insurance for it. Army urban myth?
  5. Have a look at the RA and RHA for silver. :)

    Because they were (and are) the kings of the battlefield, especially in India and other colonial wars they often got the best pick of the loot. What to do with a priceless gold or silver religeous artifact from India? Melt the bugger down so they can never ask for it back :)

    There are some real monsters in the RA messes, and few Regiments have anything finer (or more tasteless and ostentatious, depending on your view) as the RA mess at Woolwich. Worth a visit.

    Re insurance: not a myth. Last estimate was an annual insurance bill of 3 million per year.
  6. The RA had a centrepiece of a 25 pounder gun (I think it was) that was allegedly worth £2 used to come out for dinner nights with the Master Gunner under armed locked and loaded escort who lurked behind the curtains! My old Boss said it was surreal dining there knowing if you got pissed and started handling the silver (as you do...) you ran the risk of a hairy Gunner shoving a bayonet into you...
  7. Then there is the Coptic cross from Eithiopia, and the gold goats head (I forget from whom we stole that one). Most Regiments (not just RA) who ever served in India have a decent bit of silver here and there; only the poor sods never served in 'Empire' and those who lost theirs in America or in the retreat to Dunkirk have very little.
  8. was also told that Emporer Haille Selliasse (spelling?) was a guest there once and remembered seeing the goat's head as a child.
  9. Think of all that silver belonging to all those disbanded Regiments, I wonder just who has got there sticky fingers on all that
  10. I was involved in the closure of a long-standing Garrison Mess some years ago, and we returned any presentation pieces if ex-members asked for them. Otherwise, they were auctioned off to the current and ex-members. Anything with real value was cherry picked by other Regts/Corps associated with that Mess. I was told that there is a depot somewhere with a large stock of not-so-good silver and other goods, but I cannot believe that Gordon hasn't got his stickies on that!

    And at the back of the queue is REME, which is left with whatever is broken and discarded by the rest of you - which usually doesn't include silverware! The best example of the booty acquired by REME was the broken Abrams tank "acquired" by 2 Bn REME during TELIC 1. Unfortunately, they not only fixed it but boasted about the repair - and the crew quickly returned to claim the goods!

  11. Litotes,
    to follow on from your input on presentation pieces there was an announcement in one of the broadsheets last month about the ongoing disbandment of the Irish bns. They were asking that if anyone had presented a piece to the regt and now wanted it back because the regt was folding to get in touch with... etc.

    Regt silver is not all sacred, it is flogged off now and again when there are too many dents in small pieces or competition and battalion have not existed for say, half a century. Silver from India is low quality and most (good)pieces are made in the UK with dosh gained from a wealthy campaign in India or other parts of the Empire. Its the living history of a regt and should be seen by all recruits asap after joining.
  12. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Another Urban Myth? At the end of the Falklands War, the Guards "liberated" a brand new black Mercedes staff car and shipped it back to Chelsea Barracks. Back in the smoke, the Merc was promptly taken round the corner to the Merc dealership for a service.

    At 1700, the driver went back to collect. "I have come to collect our black Merc staff car."

    "Black Merc staff car?"

    "Yes, the one I brought in this morning."

    "Oh, THAT one. We found it very interesting so we did some research. It seems that this vehicle was sold to the Argentine Army, but the Argies never made a payment. So in fact it's OUR black Mercedes staff car. Thanks for returning it to us in such a good state. A pleasure doing business with you."
  13. Looks like KRH but the picture is a little fuzzy. Anyone say for certain?
  14. My TA unit had some really nice stuff that had originally been given to predecessor Volunteer units in the late 18th and early 19th century. It also had my favorite piece of all time, a four inch high electroplated (and well-worn) school sports type cup with an inscription that summed up both the entertainment value of amateur soldiering and the more important reason why we do it - it was the Yeovil Home Guard Rifle Club darts cup.