Regimental Signals Course? What the crack?

Hi all,

I have been loaded on to the aforementioned course at Warminster.

Just a quick one really, has anyone done the course or have any information on things to brush up on before i go, any kit that is recommended to take?



Is the TA course run separately to the Regular one? I did the Reg one about 5 years ago when it was still Clansman. Get a copy of your joining instructions as they should tell you what standard you'll need to be at to start the course.

Make sure you're happy with everything you've been taught on your RRU/Bowman Basic Signaller/what ever the TA equivalent is. Also make sure you can pass a PFT and CFT.

When I did it it was an easy course, the final ex had a cheeky insertion but I believe the format of the course has changed quite a lot since I did it. Take on the piss kit as there should be plenty of scope for drinking, Warminster is a gash night out but alot of the lads used to go to Bath on the piss.
get the sigs pamphlets from your PSI - if not the Sigs PSI - all you need to prep yourself is in them. The course is excellent and hard work, especially the final ex. You'll need to be fit, mentally & physically. Sig Wing is proferssionally run and you'll come away with a sense of achievement as long as you put some effort in. Remember one thing though, you will cover the reg sylabus (less armoured installation), and have less time to take it all in. Exams and pass marks are the same but unfortunately you won't get an NVQ unlike your ARAB bretheren.
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