Regimental Sergeant Major Harry Shearer (Rtd)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wheelchairwarrier, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Regimental Sergeant Major Harry Shearer

    Collapsed and died while playing golf. Former Regimental Sergeant Major Harry Shearer, 60, who survived an IRA bomb blast 25 years ago, suffered a heart attack.

    He had been competing in an Army tournament in Stirling
    Mr Shearer, who celebrated his 60th birthday two weeks ago, survived being blown up by a 200lb IRA bomb while serving in County Fermanagh, during the height of the troubles in 1982. Despite the blast, he still managed to chase off the six IRA gunmen who tried to ambush his mates.
    Latterly, he worked in the Army careers office in Inverness and as a guard at Fort George, Ardersier.
    He was awarded the British Empire Medal for his recruitment work.

    He started the Scots Guards Association and was instrumental in organising the Inverness Tattoo over a number of years.
    Mr Shearer was also at the forefront of organising a cairn memorial for local Falklands War veterans

    (Extracted from todays P&J)

    One Hell of a man he will be missed by many.
    RIP and thanks .
  2. Like all ex - Scots Guardsmen of my age , I knew Harry. Great bloke.
    R.I.P. Harry. You will be greatly missed.
  3. Good drills - RIP.
  4. RIP, total respect to all the SG
  5. RIP Sir,

    I have this man to thank for starting my career, and although he made some comments about my choice of regiment he gave nothing but support.
    You could never meet a finer WO1.
  6. Have never met the man, but would have been proud to.
    RIP Sir. I wished I had known you.
  7. Loved his golf and loved the bookies too. He gave Ladbrokes a few red faces.

    He will be sorely missed around Inversneck.

    RIP Harry.
  8. RIP Harry, Pleasure to know you. Condolences to Family and friends.
  9. There was a Harry Shearer drill instr at Bovington in 1983 - same bloke?
  10. If this is the same guy as the one at JLR RAC he was funny as fcuk and a top bloke.
  11. Must be begbie - outstanding bloke. Never saw him bollock anyone without reason - not like that RMP tosser. Think he took far too much pleasure in beasting 16 yr olds.

    Really sorry to hear about this
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    RIP sir.
  13. A fine man. I hadn't met Harry recently, but was sorry to hear this news yesterday.

    Date : 06.09.07

    From the Press and Journal.

    He was a bit of a character was harry. He stayed a lot with me when I was a wee boy during the summer holidays before he joined The Scott's Guards.
    He had not long celebrated his 60th birthday at a surprise party in Inversnakey.
    I was led to believe he did not like to bully, but help new recruits and was known for it. I on the other hand would not like to have been on the receiving end if he thought you were coming it!
    My son loved him as he always had time to stop for a quick talk with him, even when he was in a hurry to go and play gulf!
    They broke the mold though and there was only one Harry Shearer!

    May I say thanks on behalf of the Family for your kind thoughts.

    I think knowing Harry there are a few stories out there :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. Heard quite a few little snippets while I was at the funeral of stories about Harry (which I won't repeat).
    There was a big turnout and not only from the Scots Guards, but from other regiments.
    There were a lot of his gulfing buddies and betting mates there as well.
    Also a lot of friends he had made along the way.


    R.I.P. Harry Shearer.

    If you were there, thank-you for coming :D