Regimental Selection Weekend ???

I am doing a selection w/e next week.
I am completely in the dark what we are going to do over the weekend, and ideas?
Oh, its at grantham.
Hope they have a sense of humour.... :flower:

Deleted 11220

sexbomb1972 said:
Hope they have a sense of humour....
You seem rather confident about your own sense of humour.Tell me, are you some famous comedienne, in the process of making an undercover documentary about life in the TA?
lol nope
just tends to find things funny

just hope they can put up with someone who has a big personality and a big back side :safe: hehheheheheeh
Sexbomb, what do you sound like when you talk? I mean: how do you do comic smilies through speech? Gurn and grimace? Put on funny voices? Carry a variety of hats around with you?

I'm intrigued.
Oh, the DS will love you.

Ensure you learn their first names soonest.

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