Regimental Selection (GUARDS)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by bobbles, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. Having looked into the Service support Arms and not feeling at quite right about commissioning into them I've decided to look into the Infantry. One possible route I am considering looking into is the Guards Division, however, I find that subject to a lot of opposition when mentioning joining the Guards, with people often talking about your education, family wealth and having a military family as being factors the Guards take into account when looking for in its officers. Are they right or am I being fed a pack of lies?
  2. Being an officer in the guards can be rather expensive.
  3. Does this mean Mess Bills?
  4. Uniforms, suits and whore house bills. :)
  5. I cannot remember most of the stuff they had to buy but I'm quite sure it bloody well mounted up.
  6. Stuff not covered by allowances should be tax deductable no?

    Guards is quite Rupert-centric at officer level AFAIK.
  7. "You can be the imbecile son of a Viscount with a cleft palate and still be suitable for a commission in the Guards". Have you considered developing an accent? I know a chap who was dropped on a Regimental Visit because he didn't know how to cut cheese properly. For future reference I believe Stilton is scraped from the top rather than cut into chunks, hope that helps.
  8. With a spoon, surely?
  9. Bobbles, there are dozens of threads on this subject. I'm sure all the advice you receive on here will be well meaning.

    Though, perhaps, wildly innacurate.
  10. If you go down to London Town you"ll see the Guards Parade
    immaculately marching resplendently arrayed.

    But underneath the Bullshine that's been there since time began Remember that the splendour hides a first class fighting man.

    Of all the British Regiments they are the chosen few
    for the Guardsman's been in battles before the time of

    And when the battles over and all has settled down
    its back to Guarding Palaces or street-lining in
    London Town.

    You can always tell Ex-Guardsmen By The Regimental tie
    and the way they hold their shoulders as they look you in the

    For though the values may be changing whatever people say
    A Guardsman's still a Guardsman until his dying day.