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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Bristolspurs, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. I am currently at Sandhurst going into my second term. Rsb's are on the horizon and, although repeated warnings about not putting your eggs in one basket, I have only got one choice atm. I extremely interested in EOD and therefore my one real choice is the Sappers. I have quite a few friends who are young Sapper officers and from multiple visits believe I would fit in well in any number of their messes. However knowing how difficult the selection process is and how many people want so little places I really need to have a legitimate second choice that I would be fully happy commissioning into. Thus my question is: does anyone have any advice about a potential second choice, my plt comd believes I am suited to the RMP, due to my "ability to think quickly on my feet", but I'm not sure I agree. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Is your Pl Comd RMP, by any chance?

    RMP think with their feet, seldom on them.
  3. Bristolspurs - before this thread turns into a RMP slagging match, which it invariably will do, you (as you rightly say) have to be totally happy with your second choice, especially if it is RMP - you will get a lot of mockery, usually light hearted, if you join. It is not the kind of job you can do if you are not actually interested in it.

    That said, as pointed out, RLC also do EOD, speak to the loggie recruiter at RMAS, as you will have to do a couple of years before you do the course, and even when done there is no guarantee that you will go straight to an EOD regiment.
  4. No my plt comd is infantry, kingsman. And my plt sgt is infantry also. If I wanted to do eod through the loggies it would be 2 years of troop command followed by an 18 month ATO course so that's why RLC isn't my second choice.
  5. You may have to look at what else you think you would enjoy as a career. Even if you went RE, there is no certainty that you would go to an EOD job first, and at some point you would have to leave the fold.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    A question from a non RE/RLC - would a 2Lt RE have EOD as his first troop appointment?
  7. Yea, I spent half of juniors looking but couldn't find one tht jumped out at me. Don't get me wrong I'd be happy with anywhere the engineers sent me (with a couple of exceptions). Iv pretty much discounted the infantry, the (office job part of the) AGC, the REME won't have me as my degree isn't technical. Iv been thinking about the gunners but not sure. Anyone been in the same boat?! Went through clearing etc?!
  8. Yea a 2Lt in the RE could have EOD first appointment.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    So next question. SSC only or planning to stay in for longer?

    If SSC only it may make some sort of sense to take the gamble that you pick up EOD as your first job, accept whatever you get second and then leave. If you are planning on staying in longer, you need to weigh up the longer term implications. What if you never get EOD? Where would you be happy serving for 16 years? Would the RE still be the best option?
  10. Yea going for career rather than just SSC RE is no. 1 choice even without EOD. It's the second choice I'm really struggling over, I don't want to get binned by RE and then because of all eggs in one basket have to go through clearing an end up somewhere I dont want to be.
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    With EOD such a stong interest, I would suggest that discounting RLC would be foolish. It is the other key provider of EOD capability, and has a career stream to support it. As you plan to be in for the long term, taking an extra few years to get there should not be a deal breaker. Tortoise vs hare.

    As for the rest, RA, AAC, RAC...all have some interesting options, all are increasingly technical in nature if that is what interests you. No-one can offer you a serious opinion on second choice without knowing more about you, your capabilities, aspirations etc which I wouldn't suggest you share on Arrse! Anything else you get is likely to be tempered by personal bias - good or bad - so treat accordingly.
  12. Slightly off topic, i start CC121 on Sunday. Plan on having Signals as first choice and RE as second.

    However, it would seem that RE is popular and tough to join!

    Surely your second choice should be to a Regiment not as subscribed? (which is why im kind of asking if 1: Signals and 2: Engineers is a bad choice?)
  13. It varies immensely on how popular a regimental choice is per intake, unfortunately for me engineers is very popular in my intake, it probably won't be as popular in yours, don't put choices down as bankers unless you would be happy going there. Just put down your honest preferences and do your best.
  14. What facets of the EOD job attract you? What do you find unappealing in other jobs? Also don't underestimate geographic location as a factor in how much you will enjoy early career postings.There is nothing more depressing than spending half your weekends sitting on the train or driving for hours to see mates, girlfriends and family.
  15. The first question I shall be asking you on the selection board is why you don't want to command a troop in your first appointment.