Regimental roles in the 2020 structure

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by gametheory, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Is there any guff being filtered down that sounds vaguely sound about which infantry regiments will be supplying the "Mobility Infantry Batallions" (Mastiff and Foxhound/Panther) and the "Armored Infantry Batallions" (Warrior 2 Upgrade) roles in the Reactive Force?
  2. Top stuff; I'll get my coat.
  3. Wouldn't they have Bradleys?
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  4. But you never ask why they do the service do you? It's not always apparent but can really take it out of you. We used to shoot them in my day, deserters.
  5. We used to eat them after a hearty main meal

    "The soldier sat in the Army Jail
    and his mother had cooked him a pudding
    but the Sergeant said it was against the rules
    Even though it was a Good Un !

    Then he saw the look in the mothers eyes
    and he could see she was feeling hurt
    so he did a thing he thought he'd never do

    He helped a soldier to DESSERT !!
  6. I've had this problem before. It appears my auto-correct is set to auto-incorrect, and so every time I type arm-o-u-r, it is quietly adjusted to armor.

    I am most displeased.
  7. Is that the septic spelling?
  8. AI Bns pretty much no change to what there are at the moment. However, its unclear if Prince of Wales division will keep 2 AI Bns, with rumour mill suggesting Queens division will pick up the slack.

    I'm sure there will be a briefing note that will show everything has changed again though...