Regimental Proectionism at it's worst or at it's best?


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... and their role is ceremonial

Which renders the horses vs tanks comparison more irrelevant
14/20H (it was KRH)) were in the Balkans for ceremonial duties? News to me.
14/20H (it was KRH)) were in the Balkans for ceremonial duties? News to me.
That was probably the last time the British army use horses In a combat role. It also wasn’t the true role of the horses at the time.

The number of horses that the army has are fulfilling their role, which is ceremonial.

However the use in the Balkans does show one of the principles of retaining a ‘capability’.

The horses vs tanks argument compares two very different things, horses are considered redundant in warfare, but have been used in more modern times.
Horses could be taken out of the Army and brought back as there are people across the Army experienced with them in leisure time.
In their ceremonial capability they remain valid and people like to see pretty horses plus soldiers in shiney impractical kit going back and forth.

There hasn’t been a tank battle for decades, but lose the military capability and it’s gone, with nothing but crossing our fingers and hoping not to have ‘proper’ warfare ever again.

The argument of more horses than tanks remains irrelevant. It’s a matter of whether there are enough tanks.


Were you ‘allowed’ to volunteer for those tours or did the system make it happen that way? It’s so far from what is technically allowed these days I’m amazed.
No totally of my own doing. I'm sure I'm not the only one, that having left the Regs and had a go at civie life had and then after a failed relationship joined the TA to keep my self out of the pub, kept putting in for tours some were back to back. the quickest turn around was coming back from an S Type in Belfast and being called up for Telic 4 (I had two weeks leave before PDT). I only heard of the tour harmony thing once TELIC/HERRICK were in full swing, but had right gap between TELIC 4 and HERRICK 8 to still be deployed. The Army have learnt a lot in that time.

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