"Regimental Police"

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by BlueLightRun, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. I am wondering why units still insist on using the term "Regimental Police". It is a completely inaccurate title as they have no Policing roles or responsibilities. Even the "Provost Sergeant" is pushing it a bit.

    They have been incorrectly reported on as 'Military Police' in various national papers, and the implications of that are huge. I think we should look at renaming them to something more suitable, at least drop the Police bit.

    Suggestions please...
  2. "Unlikeable hateful tawts that were to scared to come into the NAAFI at nights " used to be the description in my day...possibly could still be used today.

  3. According to Wiki "Unlike Military Police, RPs carry no warrant card; however, they do have the power to arrest soldiers of the same or lesser rank under the Army Act 1955."

  4. Point taken, but that Act has now been superseded with the Armed Forces Act 2006.

    And, any other soldier used to be able to place a subordinate rank under military arrest (i.e. The RSM jaining troops for poor dress)

    'Police' conjures up the feeling of an empowered and trained person. Police = Warrant Card Holder. Simple as that.
  5. And Regimental Police conjures up the idea of a person employed at Regimental level to conduct the low level policing duties that are required. I have never imagined that Regimental Police equates to being a warrant card holding police officer.

    Do you have an inferiority complex? Are you threatened by the men in white belts?
  6. Don't forget the snooker canes :p :p
  7. We were lucky, we only did short periods at Bn as RP's, it was usually the top 4 in the most recent JNCO's Cadre and you probably only did a year at most. It wasn't a great job, no one really took it seriously unless you were being dragged around camp by the Stick Man or it was someone who constantly went AWOL and you ended up having to drive from Connaught Barracks in Dover to Catterick Garrison to pick the hopeless little F**kwit up.
  8. Regimental Community Support Staff.
  9. Satan's little helpers or should that be Santa?
  10. Good on you Dogmeat. :D :D

    What would my old SSM say?

    I have fond memories of the RPs, white belts, white gaiters and armbands,

    standing around supervising me while I white washed large rocks

    around the barracks during my Jankers time.

    That's what I loved about the Army, at times it was so Pythonesque.
  11. I'm intrigued as to who/what RPs actually are and what they do, having never encountered any; is it done on a rota of NCOs, and what is the point?
  12. That my point. They do not carry out "Policing Duties", they are concerned with security and discipline, not criminal matters.

    And its not the view from within the forces I am concerned with. We are under an enourmous amount of scrutiny by the media, the thought of the Police being mis-represented as RP is frightening and dangerous.
  13. I am no longer serving, so my opinion may well be irrelevant but methinks

    you make a little too much of it BlueLightRun. Surely no serious media

    are going to be interviewing the Regimental Police.

    Unfortunately, much of the public has absolutely no idea about issues

    pertaining to the Forces. Let me give you 'a for instance.' We recently

    had one of our guys win the VC, Cpl Willy Apiata. A talkback radio host

    of some standing, was questioning why he had not been promoted.

    He then went on to state that in his opinion, Cpl Apiata should be made

    a General. Many callers rang in agreeing with him. That's how out

    touch some of them are.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the RPs.
  14. I appreciate the ignornace of the public, but it was reported by the Daily Mirror that the Military Police beasted Pte Williams to death.

    It's that and the principal of calling people 'Police' when they are quite simply not, on any level
  15. basso, I think the incident in question was the death of a soldier in the RRW. His death was whilst in the "custody" of the Bn RPs (and a PTI IIRC).

    Whilst other countries don´t seem to have great problems with the use of Para-Military Police (France and Italy being two notables) the British seem a bit shaky on the whole thing. When a Pro Coy was mobilised for duties during the foot and mouth epidemic it was repeated ad nauseam that they were acting in a GS role (ie like anyother solider) in the acitivities and not as Police (Military or otherwise).

    The term RP is maybe not technically correct by modern or other parlances but the term is not wrong.

    RPs have many duties in peace and war. They are infact the Bns own RMP and they are essentially the RSMs own troop.

    However, I must admit, their use in these other duties appears to be in decline. Perhaps the change in warfare style (ie no longer marking routes towards Spain for the inevitable rout from the 3rd Shock Army) of modern operations have rendered the "RSM´s Own" to the history books.

    RPs used to be responsible for route recce, marking and control of traffic in Unit AORs ad PW handling. Both of which compliment, a portion of, the RSMs roles.

    aswell as the usual discipline on camp bit.

    Maybe a look at how they are currently used and trained should be initiated and a renaming from that point.

    Personally I don´t see a problem with encouraging greater use of RMPs as local bobbies (policing garrison areas civvie or mil) and the use of RPs as Barracks Bobbies, ie they could arrest civvies trespassing.

    As for above comments regards the calibre of RPs. The RPs should be selected from the best of the Regiment-Bn. To lead by example and be every one, ready for the next rank up. Although I do like the idea of using the top 4 from the JNCOs cadre, it wouldn´t work in my capbadge.