Regimental Placements/Sponsorship.

Dear all,

I have recently been offered regimental sponsorship from The Rifles to assist me through the AOSB Main Board. On speaking to someone who is sponsored by the Royal Signals, I found out that it is possible to do placements with Regiments, normally lasting for a couple of weeks.

So my question, is it only the Corps (R Sig, REME, RE etc.) that run these placements? or do various Infantry regiments run them too?

If the Infantry does run such placements, what are they like, what do you do etc etc?

I could write and ask the HQ at Winchester, but I thought I might try here first, and hopefully will get a quicker response. :)

Thanks for any helpful replies.

Hi Peter,

Well done on getting sponsorship from the Rifles, first key step. The Corps are generally bigger with bigger intakes of officers so they are able to pool resources and run more structured and standardised officer recruitment schemes. However, the Rifles will certainly get you on visits as a PO though my memory is that they usually do this after you have passed the board - bit of a waste of time hosing a PO if they then fail the board.

The nature and length of this visit depends on your time and what the Battalions are doing. Two weeks sounds a long timem they usually last for a few days but I do remember having PO's out on excercise so I'm sure longer visits can be arranged.

Best thing is to just ask RHQ but wait until you've passed the board.
See PM, but Infantry tend to have max of 1 week, corps shorter (up to three days). Met some people who spent time with PWRR on exercise for a week, I spent a week with the Gurkhas (but not on exercise).
Visits/attachments tend to last for up to a week these days. Not known many who have gone beyond this.
It really is the best way to get to know the Regiment/Corps you hope to join, and for them to get a decent look at you.
I was fortunate enough to spend a great week on mine. While not a crunchy visit (i.e. Not on Ex or anything), I spent a lot of time with the soldiers and in the Officers Mess, and got a good idea of what day to day life was like.
Even when pulled up by the RP for not wearing the correct form of dress.
"Oi, who the f*ck are you?!"
"I'm OCdt Macks, a PO."
"Oh... right... Well you still look like shite sir."


Good for you Peter, well done! You've obviously impressed The Rifles for them to offer you sponsorship at this stage, and they are a very good regiment.

With regards to 'placements', my suspicion is that these become available after AOSB. That was certainly the case in my day, though I admit it was a long time ago. Before AOSB, regiments take a quick look at you to see if they like you, and vice versa; afterwards - when you've passed and the likelihood is that you will get commissioned if you chose to stick with it - they tend to take a much closer look. Where you eventually end up isn't decided until towards the end of the commissioning course but a good relationship between you and the regiment you want to join is critical.
bit of a waste of time hosing a PO if they then fail the board.
On mine they got me completely hosed, and that was before RCB!
Dear all,

Cheers for the helpful replies...think I might have got a Battalion visit mixed up with a regimental placement, must have thought they were two seperate things, but looks like they are not! :) Have been told to go on some fam. visits after Main Board (if I pass)...something to look forward too.

In the mean time have got a POC at Larkhill with the Gunners. Should be good fun, though some people have been given me stick for applying to visit them...can I ask why? The Gunner Officers I've met seem to have been really down to earth, nice people. Missing out on the inside joke it seems! :p

Cheers again,

It's all just banter, different Regiments do seem to have certain characteristics but don't believe half of what you hear, it's mostly banter and rivalry - go and make your own mind up about them.

...after all, you might think the Gunners completely normal and not at all odd.

I did the Larkhill PO two day thing, it was great fun, even managed to get a shag whilst I was there so all in all a worth while visit.


PeterM88 said:
Have been told to go on some fam. visits after Main Board (if I pass)...something to look forward too.
Quite right. Get on as many of these as you can so that you can get a good idea of where you want to go in the army. You will (almost) always be made to feel welcome, and if you aren't, fcuk 'em.
Good drills xinflurker! :p
cpunk said:
PeterM88 said:
You will (almost) always be made to feel welcome, and if you aren't, fcuk 'em.
Quite right. Literally in my case.

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