Regimental Photos.

Does anyone who served at 14 SR in Celle remember a regimental photo that was taken possibly Autumn 1990? Just asking cos i dont think it was ever released for purchasing, unless it was but because of op G was delayed. Does anyone have this photo or know where a copy could possibly be.

Cheers in advance.
On the wall, RHQ, 14 Sigs. Treat yourself.

Nah, seriously, I'll have a look on Monday. I know that there's a few Celle pics up outside the razzers office. Any excuse to go up and rant at the clerks.
It was taken outside the main building, i bet it was a good photo. It was the only regimental photo taken whilst i was there.

Cheers fella.
Vera - didn't I give you a lift home once on Xmas leave - we managed to come up with some shift scam which meant we could leg it early 'after duties', thus disappearing from camp when the rest of the sqn was out in the field, and we were 'rear-linking' it in the Panzer?

I had a red VW Golf at the time!
Yes i think you did, are you the one who put oil into your engine as though it was a panzer, we got about half a mile up the road and there was smoke everywhere?

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