Regimental Operations Support Officer

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sbeaver, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. Guys,

    Regimental Operations Support Officer

    This job is currently advertised on the RAOL list as a warning order with a start date later in the year.

    Does anyone know any more details about the job?

    It's purely for TA so just wondered what it will entail.

    Any help / advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. A REME unit in Redhill perchance?
  3. No.
    I thought there will be a number of appointments through out the country, by the way I read the advert on RAOL.

    I'm based south from there so was hoping there would be one nearer my home.
  4. My last unit had one, originally on NRPS 05 but changed to FTRS (HC). Originally the job included recruiting, welfare and support to people on ops and the families left behind etc. It evolved into bugger all but recruiting and occasionally travelling to RTMC to see people on their way to (or coming back from ops if they were offrs).

    It evolved even further into delegating to an ancient TA WO employed on an ADC contract to transport recruits and ops returners while the officer attended meetings or met people in cafe's.

    Welfare never got a look in from the off as the person on post was a chod.

    I would bet that if the job is for a REME unit then the job spec will be full and you'll expect to work to it. Ring the Adj and arrange a visit.
  5. Thanks EScotia.

    Sounds like what I thought the job entailed. Isn't it a bit late for all this?

    Most units have done bugger all for guys on Ops and now we are drawing down for most TA deployments they finally get their act together.

    Would the post last the full 2 years do you think? as I have heard that a number of FTRS/ADC have been finishing early. Don't want to give up one crap job for another!
  6. [/QUOTE]I would bet that if the job is for a REME unit then the job spec will be full and you'll expect to work to it. Ring the Adj and arrange a visit.[/QUOTE]

    Just to confirm there a number of positions through out the country so no mention of REME.
  7. My understanding is that TA major units will soon be established for a RCMO and ROSWO on FTRS(HC) basis. If you are interested in this vacancy then you should contact the FTRS desk at APC who will be able to confirm if this vacancy is:

    1. Still available

    2. Likely to be dis-established in the near future

    and will be able to provide you with a role description
  8. Will do
    Thanks Richard_Hannay
  9. Many TA units were previously established for ROSO & ROSWO posts, certainly in my neck of the woods anyway. It seemed however that funding was found for the officer posts but put on hold for the WO ones. It would certainly be a step in the right direction if the funding was now released in order to fill the WO posts.

    I concur with the above though, you should check the posts are still available and not about to be dis-established with the future changes to the TA.

    Research is the key, but a wee bit deeper than asking on arrse :)
  10. Er, don't you mean BHQ in Crawley?
    It's a delightful & cosmopolitan new town with a vibrant community?

  11. Applied for some FTRS recently.

    Looks like they are only giving out 1 year contracts (maybe some exceptions)

    Also Glasgow just want bums on seats, one I applied for was a year, but on speaking to the Adj of the unit concerned found out that it was to be contracted out in a few months time.
  12. I work in recruiting and have been hearing rumours of a ROSWO post being generated as an FTRS for a while. We have recently had confirmation that the post will be funded. As far as I am aware it is across all cap badges, but as the RAOL ad says, wait out for the formal ad - it should be there within a few weeks.