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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hmmm, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Two things caught my attention whilst looking at the recent operational honours and awards (Well done Mick). First one being quite a few orifices having 8 figure numbers, now they are obviously ex rankers but I thought that they got 6 figure ones when they handed in their common sense. The second thing that sprang to notice was the numbers beginning with 3, they made me feel particularly ancient.
  2. Since JPA came in, Circa May 2007? The Officers number stopped. All new entrants moved to 3xxxxxxx from then as well.

    As for ex-rankers, a number of them could be from UOTC/TA service as well. 40% of a CC come from UOTC (so they say) and they keep the same number when they go to RMAS
  3. That'll be hand in common sense AND propensity to open gob without thinking about it then!
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  4. To the OP, all three services inc Officers and Females in the Army even cadet AI's numbers now get a 3xxxxxxx as of the introduction of JPA, as posted by mongoose.

  5. They are in the 3's now???? OMG!!!

    Now I REALLY do feel old.....

  6. It didn't get all the way up to 29999999, there was a sizeable gap (I guess for administrative purposes).

    No, I don't know how big.

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  7. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    serious question would sas number go something like 632145 ???
  8. Yes they are in the 3's but they never got to the end of 2's. As previously stated when JPA started they restarted the number system starting at 3xxxxxxx.

    Don't think they made it past 25xxxxxx but if they did I am sure some one will correct me.
  9. I think they stopped at around 2525xxxx
  10. Thanks for trying chaps, but even this makes me feel old...


  11. To make you feel even better the recruits are now starting with numbers around 3016XXXX, and that makes me feel old!
  12. Blimey, at 19855987 I'm thinking I should have croaked by now!

    It's very warm in here, and this cloven hoofed chappie keeps prodding me with sharp things...
  13. I know a 240xxxxx that's still going....just! Not likely to see past this year (as in servicewise not lifewise..although his life may just end when he gives his kit in...)

    Can anyone beat it? This chap is 64...I heard there was a 67 year old chef kicking around the TA up until recently, but obviously he might have joined later on..
  14. JPA won't reissue new numbers to those who have already been on JPA; so there are now people in the Army with 30/31 numbers, soldier numbers, old officer numbers, W1 numbers and even Navy/Crab numbers from reserve service/university etc. It's all rather bizarre!