Regimental numbers on OSM

A slightly bizarre question, but is anyone aware of the reason why officers personal numbers are left off when details are inscribed onto an individuals OSM. As an LE all my medals pr-commissioning include my regimental number, rank, name and regiment (excluding NATO/UN), but post commission only include rank, name and regiment.


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As one of the former front line swine who never made it past SNCO I have no idea. What about a call to the Army Medal Office? They'll have all the regs I'm sure.

If you don't get an answer HERE and do call them, let us know the outcome, (genuine interest).

Only thing I can think of is that you're now extremely special whereas before you weren't! :D 8) :p
Cant find the answer - thought it would be quite easy as there are so many collectors sites on the net. But nada.

What it does show is that the style of naming on the medals has changed many times over the last 100 years or so - aparantly if you collect its important to understand this as its a way of identifying the fakes or renamed medals. Renaming seems to be popular as some Regiments are worth more than others. Its also more profitable to remove an R or Replacement from the medal.

Quite an interesting bit of reading actually, but like i said couldnt find an answer for your particular question. I'd give the RO a ring who runs the Medal Office, it'll give him a break from writing uptight apologies in Soldier Magazine.
Ditto, I also checked all known sites. I was trying to steer away from calling the medal office, as I believe they are quite busy at the moment. :ufo:

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