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Go on, reveal them and if you know the origins name them too. It can be either from inside or outside, see which one's are true or crap!
Life Gds/Blues and Royals - Donkey Wallopers
QDG - ?
Scots DG - ?
RDG - Don't know but they look like ambulance men in Bk Dress
9/12 L - Nine one two locating or Swiss Tony's mob.
KRH - Skipping Chickens if you were ex RH.  
LD - 13/18 were peoples Cav
QRL - Bone heads (16/5 were one six five locating)
RTR - Cash Bar.  Sometimes called peoples cav but aren't cav so can't be.
Life Gds/Blues and Royals - Elton's Boys
17/21 L - Boneheads
QOH - Queers on Horseback
13/18 - Milkmen
RH - Cherry Pickers
5 Innis DG - Foreskins

Collectively in a battle situation and providing the REME have worked wonders to get the tin cans working.- 3 second wonders (funny could also apply to their sexual prowess too)
Kings Troop arn't really, but, the do have the GGs & sadly now & then trot their way to the hallowed ground at Horse Guards to stand in for the Household Cavalry whilst we were having  a nice little holiday, well at least they did in my  day. In those days one had to be 6'0" minimum, I seem to remember.

Hence a RHA Gunner Chappie was refered to as a dwarf & a poisoned one at that. So perhaps "honoury Cavalry as at least the still got the horses

Before the RHG merged with the DGs they were (& are known?) as the Dinkys (Dinky Doos the Blues) After they merged they were known to us as the Shite Hawks because of the little Eagle badge they wore on their upper sleeves.

As you may have guessed, my Regiment,was the senior one of course, don't you know !


War Hero
Another one! many greetings, not many piccadilly cowboys here(hcav nickname)

King Troop Royal Arse Hortillary (Thats a good one)
Blues and royals-DINKS
QDG-Queens dancing girls
LD - Light duties
Blues and Royals - Bums and Boils
QDG - Queer Dancing Girls
Scots DG - Scots Grots
RDG -  Pie eating northerners.
QRIH - Thick Paddies
9/12 - 16/5 - 17/21 - 13/18 - Fractions.....they dont count.
Royal Hussars - Wierd Regiment in funny red trousers.
Light Dragoons - Geordie w a n k e r s
QRL - The only Cavalry regiment where 85% of the soldiers faces resemble their cap badge (motto)!
1 RTR - Thieving Scoucers
2 RTR - Cheeky chirpy characters (not really, bunch of sequin wearing, flat beer drinking puffs)
3 RTR - Armoured farmers (should have give them tractors they might have kept them on the road better)
4 RTR - Skirt wearing heathens.
;) :D
Attached to QDG in Hohne 77 - 79. They were referred to as boinks. Don't know why, could have been due to a habit of putting holes in the NBC pack on the back of the turret with the gun of another tank!

Strange that, as 1 RTR were in the habit of doing that in Hildesheim! Do Cav have competitions on that sort of thing and if they do, what other competitions are running?
Here is a competition that Cavalry units seem to do every two years.

When the new RSM is appointed you have to guess how long it will be before he changes the colour of the Regimental jumper to his personal liking. Timescale can be tricky to guess but the colour is generally an easy guess as it will be the colour of his Regiment prior to amalgamation with the other Regiment. :mad:

A secondary competition will be the changing of the mess dress waistcoat to a cummerbund or vice versa.  ;)

1 and 2 RTR do not have these competitions as they like to stay as the men in black.
Re: Changing jumper colours.
Why do Cav RSMs/COs insist on REME types wearing their gorgeous jumpers?  My old ASM looked like the RSM when viewed from a distance (only the cap badge was different) - 'cept the ASM was smarter and slimmer of course.  Why not let us keep our identity.  When Cav blokes are posted to a REME Bn in Command Troop, we let them keep their funny Berets etc. why not let us do the same?
P.S. I was the man who got sacked from the RDG for refusing to pay for a jumper, so I may be biased ;)
Bogler, you obviously have a thing about the kings Troop RHA.  No i agree they look like ponces however most cavalry are a little jealous (Like yourself) when they go onto parade and you have to form to the left of them as they are senior, same as the rest of the Artillery. (Right of the line second to none)
I sympathise with you Nige. I am not REME myself but I always stick up for them on this point. REME must have a great collection of Mess jumpers (less RDG). They are not cheap these jumpers and are only drinking clothes really. Oy .. RSM's ....... if you want us to wear something to drink in let us wear football tops in the mess ............. only ones with collars though!
KRH- Screaming Skipping Chickens :D :D
QRH- Queens REME Haters ;D ;D ;D
QDG- Chernobyl Chickens 8)
GunnersQuadrant, or whatever you call are clearly misinformed as to the right of the Artillery to be on the Right (so to speak).  It is in fact an honour specific to those ponsy tw*ts (the Kings Tp  :mad:), and only when their guns are on parade.  The rest of the gunners can f*ck off to the left where they belong and stop bringing their poxy pop guns on every parade in a pathetic attempt to steal the right of the line.  

As for those on the Right - the "Tins" (Life Guards), did anyone know, or can they shed a bit more light on the fact that they were all sacked by a previous monarch for being useless, and replace with officers from a Grenadier batallion? ;D
KRH- Skippin chicken / Burnt Turkies
13th/18th- Milkman
17th/21st  or QRL - Deadheads
RTR  -Snif test men
HCR -Knobs (interchangable with 9th/12thL)
9th/12thL- Cowboys
15th/19th - 5 & 9's or F***ing Geordies
Scots DG - Royal Supply Depot Glasgow
16th/5thL - Birthday badge boys
QDG - Queens Dancing Girls
QDG - Stop Running Backs (From the Gulf days)          
Hungry Hussar Says
Arty right of line.......we cant be talking about the front you remember being a tooth arm....that was before the Top Brass realised the obvious mistake....
RE nicknames what about.... Kings Troop..Silly Twats ;D

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