Regimental Name Changes

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by Lardbeast, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. Reckon they can have it. Disband and stand down the old regiments and let the current shower of shit get on with finishing the job of totally destroying the military. Rather not be associated with the fuckwits now infesting and demeaning my old unit.

  2. A lot of guys are now sharing Lardbeast's opinion, especially in the manner of this "transformation". The calibre of command in this process just reinforces these feelings.

    Not just the DLI debacle Soldier who wore dead colleague

    Now the Jocks (needs Google Translate): Inspector general asked to investigate appointment of new TS OC. Leër bekyk nóg

    It's a bit garbled below, but you get the gist:

    The army investigation of yet another regimental commander because of a suspicious past. Siphiwe Dlamini, military communications chief, confirmed Gen. Solly Shoke, head of the army, ordered the army's inspector general the appointment of Lieutenant Colonel. Danny Dinah as commander of the Transvaal Scottish Regiment investigation.
    Investigation comes after inquires about Dinah's qualifications and reputation before he was appointed commander.

    Dinah is the second of 14 new appointments of commanders at the army's part-time regiments part of these regiments "transformation". Dinah was formerly a sergeant-major in the regiment before being transferred for alleged poor performance. He later without undergoing his officer training, an officer and company commander become.

    It was his company's soldiers two years ago during a deployment to the Mozambican border one night late in a shootout in a shebeen with soldiers Mozambican army clashed. One of the South African soldiers and two Mozambicans are killed. Dinah was then as company commander of his powers relieved.

    According to his colleagues at the regiment he since his appointment in August declared that he would not wear regimental dress Transvaal Scottish in Scottish skirt and plumed headdress and all would wear. he without permission apparently ordered this dress with ordinary camouflage uniforms and a green cap will be replaced. He also its longest serving officers in the regiment rid them 24 hours notice. Dinah's appointment is in the spotlight soon after that of Lieutenant Colonel. Sibusiso Mbuyazi Durban Light Infantry, who shortly after his appointment was removed from his post. He believes the medals of a deceased chaplain worn. Dlamini denied that Dinah something against his regiment's traditional dress.

    And, while the Jocks have been told to get rid of the kilt, the SAAF has run out of uniforms:

    Hell's bells, and buckets of blood!!!! What a shambles.
  3. 9 years to come up with a name change...and we think our MOD is bonkers!!
  4. You don't know the half of it. Wouldn't trust this shower of spaccers to sit the right way round on the toilet. As a general rule, everything they touch turns to shit. Keep that in mind and you won't go wrong in SA.
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  5. So it's safe to assume we'll be seeing some new nominations in the "African Infantryman of the year" thread soon?
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    It appears it was actually a blessing that they disbanded my old unit as soon as they possibly could.
  7. Zuma's Own? The Malema Fusiliers? What happens when a new ANC faction comes to power and previous Big Men are disappeared from history?

    Well, the UK isn't immune from this, either.
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    **** let 'em take the traditional route, exemplified by Robert - "Harbringer of Freedom and Toppler of Despicable Rhodesian Apartheid Boers" Mugabe, praise be his name, and reintroduce tribal units.
    The President's personal force could be called, oh I don't know, how about the Gukurahundi Guard to celebrate all the peaceful resolutions Fifth Brigade has brought ?
  9. Just rename them Impis - Crocodile Impi, Lion Impi, etc. (Although it might be seen as somewhat Zulucentric!)
  10. Just a thought, but if we were to ask the likes of 'call me Dave' and the ‘emperor Bliar’ to be the regimental colonels in chief would that in some way make it more difficult for their party’s to disband Regiments while they are or where in power or opposition ??(Just a thought - or possibly a cunning plan)