Regimental moves under Army 2020

As we have all heard, under Army 2020, some Regiments will be moving, some will be disbanding. Where are units moving to? 47 are moving Larkhill to be with 32, 16 will be moving to Thorney Island to be with 12 Regt, where are all the Regt moving to?
Work underway - I think it was in the front of the last but one gunner magazine. Some Regimental roles had yet to be firmed up (in as much as some field Regiments hadn't been allocated to contingent force or adaptive).

Everyone is supposed to be out of Germany by 2020 too I believe, so that's another few bed slots to be found.
I don't know - Germany units out of Germany by 2020. I don't know where they will go, but I heard yesterday that some of the changes had been announced - 3 RHA to 2 light gun Batteries and some Tac Gp btys. If that is true and holds across all units, there will be space to hold 2 Regiments in 1 camp - a la Tidworth (1 RHA/19 Regt).

Apparently a Gunner note has been distributed, but I'm off the RA grid at the moment, so will have to wait for more rumour control!
Rebasing announcements this month, postponed from before Christmas. Lots of moving parts and a need to remain flexible is guaranteed.

As for previous questions, 26 will be reactive force therefore SPTA area (Horne Barracks/ rebuilt Purvis Lines?????); 3 RHA adaptive force, location TBC.


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Just read the (free) part of Jane's report on the Army 2020 artillery structure. Looks good for the three reaction force regiments, with 3 batteries of AS90 and one with GMLRS and EXACTOR / SPIKE NLOS (if they can fund the latter one to bring it in the core budget, that's it).

It also says that four batteries are to go in suspended animations as part of the restructuring: i'm guessing 56 and 51 from 39 Regiment, Z bty from the 5th... and? Any idea on the last one to go?

Does that mean that the "Adaptable" regiments will no longer be cut down to just 2 gun batteries each?

And i heard 74 Battery is transferring from 39 to 32/47 Regiments, does it mean there will be six UAV batteries instead of just five?

EDIT: this is the Jane's article UK Royal Artillery rolls out new structure
As I understand it, the suspended animation will be the HQ Btys of 12, 32, 39 & 47. They will each get admin support "spines", rumoured to be commanded by LE Lt Cols. The HQ Btys for each will become Tp(+) under command a senior Captain.

Some jiggery pokery will see the titles retained amongst the Btys remaining.

I also understood adaptable would get 2 Lt Gun Btys, 1 AS90 and 1 MLRS.

Of course, this might change, as budget decisions overmatch orbats on paper, or equipment is not forthcoming or a move to single calibre, single platform is pulled off.

Moves are supposed to begin this year and continue next, but some I have spoken to haven't really heard much and they're in affected Regiments. Heave Ho me hearties!
I also understood adaptable would get 2 Lt Gun Btys, 1 AS90 and 1 MLRS.
That's one very surprising force structure... especially considering that until late last year it seemed like they would only have a couple of L118 batteries. Not going to complain if it is true, but... i'm very surprised.

Also, anything new about the regiments being all assigned to 1st Artillery Brigade, in Force Troops? The way i read Jane's report and other signs, it appears to me that the regiments will rather stay into the brigades (and i think that's where they should be, actually).
As I understand it, all the OS assets will be grouped under 1AB, the current units in 1AB will form another brigade. Possibly 1st surveillance brigade.
The idea seemed to be UAVs and 5th Regiment in the Intelligence and Surveillance brigade. And it has sense.

But the grouping of the close support regiments in the Artillery brigade does not make any sense. Particularly since the regiments aren't even homogeneous and 3 are clearly made for the reaction force and destined to the Salisbury area. Just give them to the reaction brigades, giving them to 1AB is meaningless IMO.
OK if you haven't heard its been released

Larkhill is to be the new Dortmund hosting: 1, 19, 26, 32, 47 , no mention of 14 ??

Thorney Island will be the new AD Centre with 12 and 47

No change to 7 RHA, 29 Cdo, 4th and 5th

3 RHA will move to Albemarle

No mention of Kings Tp who will obviously stay in Woolwich
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