Regimental March of the Royal West Kents

Just a quick one, but being of Kentish stock, with family members having served in the Royal West Kents during the First World War, I was wondering (briefly today) what the regimental march of the Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment would have been.

A cursory Google Search isn't really conclusive. The only site which really has anything to say on the subject is this one:

Regimental Music

The above page suggests that it could have been One Hundred Pipers - which seems somewhat unlikely unless that was a concession to the 97th (Earl of Ulster's) Foot when it amalgamated with the 50th (Queen's Own) Foot.

Other possibilities suggested are Rule Britannia, Garryowen or There Is a Winsome Lad.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Separate question can anyone find a recording of There is a Winsome Lad? Youtube didn't manage to.


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The 1973 Leo Cooper Famous Regiments volume on the QORWK identifies One Hundred Pipers as the march. This was compiled with the help of their last colonel and regimental historian, which seems pretty conclusive to me.
Excellent, many thanks! I subsequently of posting this thread read up on Garryowen and apparently that was the regimental march until 1869.

Thanks for the replys, gents!

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