Regimental march for the AGC

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by shrew, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. Hi all - sorry I don't belong here, but I have been asked to find the regimental march for the AGC...

    It's called the 'Pride of Lions' and it's by Major Denis Burton. I need a recording of it ASAP. I've found sheet music for it, but that doesn't play on a CD player.

    Also please refrain from sending me renditions of the 'Theme from the Muppet Show' and the Dolly Parton classic 'Nine to Five'. They were suggested and now he's in a strop.

    This is a serious request. Reply by pm is fine, but I'm quite hairy, bad tempered and I don't put out.

    Help me Oh Arrse One Kenobi... you're my only hope.
  2. Get hold of the Watchtower-we all know the only functioning example of AGC is RMP..
    I'll get me coat
  3. the tune from Poridge?
  4. 'Hairy, bad tempered and don't put out'? Shame. I've got a thing about hairy chix. (are you under 5ft 2ins?)
  5. Looking for a female alter ego Biccies?
  6. not in full alpha.

    does that help?
  7. This should do it.

    "MUSIC FROM THE 1994 ROYAL TOURNAMENT" The Massed Bands of The Household Division, The Band & Bugles of the Light Division, The Band of the Adjutant General's Corps, The Pipes & Drums of the Brigade of Gurkhas Lt-Col R.G. Tomlinson
    BNA 5094 £10.00 (£8.51)

    I Vow to Thee My Country - Fanfare & Prelude From 'Gotterdammerung' (Wagner) - The Ride of The Valkyries - The World in Union - Musical Drive of The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery - Wings - The Animals Went in Two by Two - Fortune Favours the Brave - Worcester Castle/Crown of State/Pomp & Circumstance March No. 4 (Elgar) - Salut d'Amour - Cello Concerto [excerpt] - Pomp & Circumstance March No. 1 (Elgar) - Pride of Lions/The Adjutant General - Heart of Oak - Royal Air Force March Past - Grand Inaugural March - Birdland - Highland Laddie/79th Farewell to Gibraltar/Orange & Blue/Pipers of Drummond/Marie's Wedding/Barren Rocks of Aden - High on A Hill - Keel Row/Road to the Isles - Zorba The Greek - The Light Division/Black Bear - Mars, God of War - Fanfare For the Common Man - Morning has Broken - Olympic Fanfare & Theme - Hands Across the Sea/The Life Guards SM - The Light Infantry March/The Royal Green Jackets/Yo Nepali
  8. Sir

    You are a scholar, a gentleman and I will tell all my female mates you are fantastic in bed.

    Many thanks.

    Now if any other obliging gentlemen (or gentle ladies...?) could send me the MP3 that would be dancing!

    (not asking the moon at all!)


    PS - still in full alpha and waiting...
  9. um... itunes is not letting me download the track!

  10. My bold.

    The AGC has a band?!? Who walks into an ACIO and asks to join the AGC band?!?
  11. You're showing your ignorance, mate. An individual joins the Corps of Army Music and, after being trained to play like Les Dawson, gets posted to a Regimental or Corps band, eg. The Heavy Cavalry and Cambrai Band, The Band of The Royal Corps of Signals OR The Band of the Adjutant General's Corps.

    Look on the bright side. You'd get to pilfer loads of stationary...
  12. Pity.
  13. Thanks for the explanation.

    It would be fascinating to see posting preferences for the Corps of Army Music!
  14. Ahhh, Northern Monkey, we meet again, Best you do get your coat :wink: