Regimental Jumpers

Does anyone know where I can get a QDG jumper WITHOUT getting ripped off?
Probaly your Regimental museum, PRI, but they are expensive though. Failing that perhaps an Officers shop or from a young officer who is soon to leave.
Yea, You can get one from me soon. I'm leaving the Regt but beware the jumpers arn't cheap. Mine is new from the PRI and has been worrn twice...
There is a chap on Ebay who specialises in regimental sweats polo and rugby shirts etc I have looked but cant find his details Andrew something. Do a search on ebay for your regiment or military clothing he is very helpfull and not silly on his prices..
Further to my last re sweaters ets the gentlemans name is Andrew Hall but it did just ocur to me that you may be looking for genuine issue kit as opposed to a garment of quality with the units badge.........HUSSARRRRRRRRR

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