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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fluffaduck, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of regiments and corps who publish their own regimental journals - I am interested in joining the military in a few years, and I thought some idea of their current roles and values would be useful to help my decisions of regiments etc.
    If possible, links would be great, but even just the name of somewhere where I could order them from would also be helpful,

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I can recommend the journal of The Queens On Deserters.
  3. There is a book shop in Ballater (Thats Scotland incase you did not know) that has hundreds of back copies of Journals from The Queens Own Highlanders, The Gordon Highlanders and The Highlanders. I think they are 50p or something...might be worth having a look, some amusing adverts from the 80's :)
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  4. Thank you all very much
  5. TANK-published every three months.
  6. What's that one about then!.
  7. Ornamental fish.
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  8. It could be about plumbing.
  9. The Royal Signals publish The Wire monthly. You can find it on Google in PDF format.

    I wouldn't bother though, it's not very good and they never bother publishing the articles I get forced to write occasionally.

    If you just imagine reading about every unit in the Corps either being (a) in Afghanistan, (b) doing some kind of mil training or (c) doing adventure training or sport competition with a random Junior from that unit being forced to pretend it's the best thing they're ever done despite the photos with the article clearly showing them stood in Gaerlochhead in horizontal rain looking like they want to hang themselves you can save yourself the bother. It also gives you a chance to see an obligatory photo of an outgoing and incoming RSM handing a pace stick over between themselves in front of the biggest unit sign they could find, so you could make yourself an 'RSMs of the Royal Corps of Signals Calender' which would be a bonus I suppose.
  10. Chiron Calling, twice a year RAVC Journal
  11. Every two months I believe.

    However you are correct with every other comment. Stopped subscribing 10 years ago, now read it online more to find out who's carked it that I know.
  12. Could be, thinking about it. I have to be uberbored on the shitter in work to consider reading it. After all, I've only read that June 2009 Nuts magazine 14 times so it still beats The Wire.
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