Regimental insight course - Bovington - 7/11/16

First time poster - Just going through the process of joining up.
Working hard on my run times, Going on a Regimental insight course on 7/11/16. Anyone else going?
Trying to make my mind up between the Royal Artillery and the Royal Armored. Anyone served and give me any ideas of what they are like?

Good luck, and don't have a duel with miniflares...
Just finished a HCAV/RAC insight course and it was great fun, we went to pirbright to see what phase 1 is like and speak to current RAC phase 2 recruits to get there opinions on the training process. Then over to windsor to see the HCAV life. Aswell as this you practice most of the things for your assessment centre e.g 1.5 mile run and icebreaker. Oh and not to forget the 40 minute PT session which was quality

(Any other questions ask away)